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The Great and Powerful Sock Trixie

A thank you gift to :iconperiodicbrony: for making me a drawing of my choice for my anniversary of being on DeviantArt. He's awesome, please go check out some of his art :]
Tried something new with the hair, hopefully it looks okay.

Also, :iconponybytesketches: I'd love to make something for you too, so just tell me what you want me to draw and I'll do my best :D
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Nice. I should throw Trixie plushie in Christmas socks.
If i knew i could get a Trixie, i would have been a good person and not so naughty
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I see. Well, be good always. Ha ha.
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D'aww this is adorable!
I think I've caught a bit of Sethisto syndrome, because I'm starting to like Trixie quite a bit. XD
Well shucks, if you're gonna draw me an anniversary present, I'd better draw one for you too! Seeing as how we created our accounts on the same day. XD
So did you just want me to tell you what to draw?
Also, give me any ideas on what you want me to draw for you
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Ah yes, Seth and his Trixie enthusiasm :D
And yes, just tell me what you want me to draw and I'll do it. (Just gotta finish one piece that I've been working on for the past week, and I'll start it)
I'll send you my idea through note, and you can do the same :]
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Wow thank you so much! She looks so cute! Now I wish Santa would just drop her as a present. And to think that we both going to draw for :iconponybytesketches: xD (I actually asked him first before I ask you, but he still thinking about it.)

Also, PonyByteSketches if you didn't tell me what to draw soon I'm just gonna draw your OC instead.
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Lol I feel so special! Imma have to draw things for both of you too! XD
And I have some ideas on what I want you to draw, I'm just waiting for you to be not busy. XD
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