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She's already a Cuteness Overload ponyfied, and now she's even more adorable. ^_^

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My favorite Crusader. ^_^

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I have diabetes now
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SHE'S SO ADORABLE!!! :aww: :aww: :aww: :aww: 
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Sorry Apple Bloom. Sweetie is cutest filly pony.

BEautiful work
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[Heart Malfunctions]
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If Apple Bloom is for you the cutest, know that Watchmojo voted AB to be the cutest.
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My pleasure. And my fav is Scootaloo.
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This is so adorable!
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Thank you, I'm glad you think so! And I didn't know you were still around, haha.
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Ya i have not been on deviantart in awhile. i must say your art has really improved!
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Ah, gotcha-- and thank you, I'm trying my best :)
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Excellent tactic, young pony! By equipping yourself with a ribbon, you are not as likely to get grounded when Rarity finds out about a certain incident in the kitchen.... Hopefully. I mean seriously, who can stay mad at a pony equipped with a ribbon? >.>
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Ah, you're right, these fillies really are stepping up their game. I suppose that's why Applebloom never seems to get into any troubles with her sister.
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P3P soooo cewt! The ribbons is awesome, I bet Sweetie would make an excellent present!
I can't handles that adorable face and those adorable little hoovsies!
You do so well to somehow take the cute aspects of a pone and intensify them 8 times more. >w< ~<33
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Oh I'm sure of it-- I'd certainly like to get a pony companion as a gift :^)
Thank you! I always gotta try to amp up the cuteness on these ponies, y'know?
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