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Sushi Shimmer

I love EQG and all the new character outfits that keep coming in, but I wish I was better at humans so I wouldn't have to draw ponified versions of them 8^)

Bit of a rough-colored drawing I whipped up today to say that I'm back! I just got out of the hospital earlier today, and I'm a bit rusty, but I'm excited to get into the swing of things again. Fingers crossed that I won't have to make another trip back~
Thanks so much for all the supportive comments and gestures, they really do mean a lot and they helped me feel much better throughout the whole situation <3
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Take your pick on sushi service:

Skillfully handmade or automatically dispensed?
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this is beautiful
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Ponies in clothes look strangely way more cuter than when they are naked.
Sunset in a japanese kimono not only feels fitting but it makes her look adorable. Could Sunset be japanese(Or Neighponese/pony version of Japan)? It could explain.:aww:
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I agree, clothed ponies are great ^^
That would certainly be interesting, and it would be fitting for the whole sushi maker thing, haha.
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RE,MGBAJIEROGM OMG SUNSET IN HERE THOUGH. Your art is definitely just always delivering at top notch with the depth that you add for your style that amazes me every timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee & it's such a wonderful sort of thing that you can do!!!! Ponies & your art is literally bliss omg. But yessssss, Sunset is really sweet in her, I love the little wink that she has & the manestyle accompanied with the outfit which has a really soft & cozy texture towards it!! Her eyes are what I love too with the deep blue. GREAT JOB ON THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS MM <3
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Haha, yes! Gotta throw on outfits for everypony, they make everything cute-- this outfit was especially fun too, that Sushi Chef thing they went for was such a great idea ^^
Aw, thanks a lot, I appreciate the kind words very much and I'm glad you think that way about my art! Your comments are always sweet and fun to read <3
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Hey, ponified version of those are also very welcome! Also, happy to see you back with us and hopefully doing better!

That face is love. Incredibly cute and fun and beautiful. And that pose makes it even more so. Playfully cute and fun! Thank you for this gift.
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Happy to hear, and thank you I appreciate it a lot :)
Glad you like it! ^^
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Huh, that clothing works really well with her colour scheme. Is this your way of telling me to hurry up and be current with EQG? This picture also made me realized that I may have been holding the chopsticks wrong all these time. @_@

If you ask me though, I do think you're plenty good with humans as it is. But is it taking you longer to draw them? Are you still not feeling all that comfortable with them perhaps? From what I'm seeing, I do think you're heading in the right direction with learning humans. Strange as it may sound, I've been learning to draw humans by practicing stick figures and looking at swimsuit ladies among other things. It's one way of getting more comfortable with drawing humans. =P
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If that's what you take out of this, sure, that works :^)
Nah, she's just holding them that way cause it looks nice for the picture-- sorta like a peace sign but with chopsticks, if you will.

Well I'm glad you think so, but yeah, pretty much. I'm still very uncomfortable with them, they take a longer time to make, and I'm still not sufficiently satisfied with the results. I think I was headed in a positive direction too, but with school going on now I can barely even find enough time to draw at all, let alone do studies and spend extra time on human learning-- so I'm just sticking with the horsies for right now. But both ways you mentioned certainly do help a lot, and I've tried them both too! Definitely good for figuring out anatomy and movements of the body ^^
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Some people mentioned to me that a human body is shaped more like a sausage, and I think I can see what they're getting at. I mean, it's not exactly like a sausage per say, but in the sense that the mass on a limb (say, the arms for example) tend to be smaller on one or both ends, quite a few limbs seem to behave like a sausage. 

On another note, have you ever heard of the "hourglass figure" concept? Apparently, it's the looks that models are aiming for, and that could be one way to imagine the shape of the waist.

If you're curious, some of the ladies I used to get more comfortable with humans are as follow:

Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalker)  
Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury)
Felicia  (Darkstalker)

They are all from fighting games that I used to play. Morrigan and Mai probably have more realistic application of these threes though. I can't say for sure if they will help, but I think it could help give you some idea of what body proportion is considered attractive. =P 
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Oh that's kind of interesting actually-- I can't say I've heard of the body being compared to a sausage before, but maybe I haven't looked into it far enough ^^

Yep yep! I play League of Legends and they try to go for that look on a lot of the female characters. Might not be the most natural or realistic, but the great part about drawing is that it doesn't need to be.
I don't know much about those characters, but I've definitely seen them before, and I agree that they make a great reference. It's much more enjoyable to learn from these kind of characters too :^)
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I would take the comparison to a sausage with a grain of salt though... Mostly because sausages usually don't have bone in them, and the people that mentioned it aren't actually artists (Though, they have really sharp eyes). >.> 

 Oh, so quite a few ladies from the League of Legends do have that type of look to them? I guess I should have been paying more attention. @_@ But yeah, that's right. It doesn't have to be realistic. ^^ Though, I'm guessing certain features may or may not have been exaggerated to emphasize something about the character.

Hm, but still, even if the ponies are all you have time to draw, you could still be learning human without realizing it. This is simply because they do have quite a bit of human quirks to them. =P For example, do you remember how you drew Sweetie Belle standing up on 2 legs? That's actually a human-like pose, so what you learned from drawing that could probably be apply to drawing humans. I mean, sure it's not quite the same as straight up drawing humans, but at the same time, it does work as a transition.
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Looks pretty in pony form too. :)
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BEautiful work
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:iconeeeeeplz: Sunny looks so good in that manestyle.
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glad to see you're back, man! :) and this art is AWESOME! i have REALLY gotta get caught up on all this new pony stuff
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Thank you, I appreciate it, and I'm glad you like the picture! And yep, that might be a good idea :^)
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Hah!! I love that title.
Makes a good tongue twister too. ;P
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