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Sunset at Sunset [Collab]

Another collab with my good friend thediscorded ! He did the sketch while I did the coloring. Please go check him out, he's amazing and did an awesome job on his part! 
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Such an inviting scene. I can just imagine joining her to watch the sunset. And the look on her face... :love:

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Wow. That is nice that you have Sunset Shimmer by the sunset, which is her namesake. Some times I find a street named Sunset, while driving around town. It reminds me of her. There are also streets named Sunrise. That would make for a good pony dawn.
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This artwork kicks ass and it's the best one I ever seen I love it you did a great job on it ;) Keep up with the good work. 
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Thanks so much, I really appreciate the kind words <3
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Your welcome 🙏 besides I love the idea of how Sunset Shimmer was watching the Sun setting in the sky. 😇👍🏻
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OMG, FANTASTIC JOB YOU TWO. THERE'S JUST SO MUCH PHENOMENAL THINGS GOING ON WITH THIS ONE AND I REALLY LOVE HOW IT COMES TOGETHER. The elements that you both contributed are really amazing and shows both your strengths as an artist that are so well done! THE FIRST THING THAT COMES TO MIND IS THAT BACKGROUND SETTING. WHAT EVEN. BOTH THE CONCEPT OF THE SKETCH AND THE COLORING COME TOGETHER IN ONE THING THAT JUST BLOWS MY MIND. You have the perspective of the lands and I love the look of that as it starts off to the side. The clouds are entirely gorgeous and I love the sleek look to them as they scatter across the sky and reflect on to the ocean. THE REFLECTIONS IN THE WATER TOO ARE JUST <3 AHHH, BUT THEN THE COLORING OF IT IS NEXT LEVEL. THE DEEP ORANGE THAT IS the sun and the sky behind it. THE CLOUDS, the amount of depth with that and general array of colors that bring it to life. The shading from the sun dwindling is really gorgeous and provides that mood and atmosphere so well. I adore Sunset Shimmer in here, she has that look and her relaxing and enjoying the scenery. It's so gorgeous and you both did wonders on this <33333
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Aaa thanks so much Neverlast! Really appreciate all the kind words and feedback <3
This was a really enjoyable collab- Disc did an awesome job on his sketch, and it was a pleasure to color all of it. And I’m not usually the best when it comes to backgrounds, but I actually had a really good time painting this one! Maybe it was just the warmth and fullness of the scene that pushed it along, but it all went smoothly and I’m happy with it as well <:
Thank you as always <3
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Best picture of her ever <3
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Aw, thank you, I appreciate it <3
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Aside from the wonderful choice of character, that scene is very beautiful and well-constructed. I'd love it even if Sunset wasn't involved.
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Thanks a lot, I appreciate it! ^^
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:love: beautiful work! :thumbsup: :)
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Scenes like these remind me why my Sunny Waifu is Best Pony.
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Awwwww, I feel bad interrupting her serenity, but I guess she's smiling.  Maybe we should all bring hot cocoa.

Lovely drawing.
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I’m sure that’d be pleasant :^)

Thank you!
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A beautiful sunset indeed!
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Thank you! Which sunset though? =p
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