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Great job It's really amazing

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That is a great picture of Sunset Shimmer. I like this character a lot too. She is my favorite MLP villain, except for Starlight Glimmer.
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Thank you! She’s my favorite character overall, though only after her reformation.
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Your welcome. Sunset Shimmer grew on me during the second Equestria Girls movie. That is probably one of the best redemption stories. Sunset went through a period of remorse and ostrazation. Then she helped the Mane Six defeat the Dazzlings. Sunset had to earn her redemption and trust over time. It wasn't an instant thing. I find this to be very fair. Sunset had to pay for the harm she did. It is also interesting to compare the good side and bad side of her personality. Sunset is very invested in social groups. When she is good, she can be very supportive for her friends. When she is bad, she becomes a clique bully. Sunset is very interesting. I see that you even have a picture of her as your avatar.

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Forever fav pony uvu
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Most certainly :^)
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Really pretty! I always preferred her as a pony. :thumbsup: :)
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Thank you! I enjoy both versions, though I probably lean towards human Shimmer myself :)
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Hmm... Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you might have been worried that something was off with Sunset's face (You didn't mentioned it here, but you did mentioned it elsewhere). To which I say I'm not seeing anything wrong with her face. Could it be that you're worried about the shape and/or proportion of her eyes perhaps? I mean, true, some of the eye corners are sharper, but that seems more like a design choice to make Sunset looks sharper and/or more edgy. 

But yeah! That's it! Make Sunset all edgy and badass! It suits her very, very well. =D Then again, I guess I could still be influenced by Forgotten Memory.... I mean, I would rather see Sunset being a badass than see her being.... you know, sad (Then again, I wouldn't want to see the few people that I do care about sad or feeling down either.). I do find her to be pretty relate-able after all. =/ 
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Yeah, I wasn't so sure about it so I asked for some other opinions. I'm still just a bit skeptical about it, but maybe that's just me- thank you for sharing your input ^^

Ah yes, at times Sunset can really bring that side of her out and it's pretty fun to see.
Oo, you're right- perhaps she's just erasing memories to make herself look better 🤔🤔🤔
Yep, most certainly~
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Hmm... A thought just occurred to me. Could it be that you were worried about the size of Sunset's muzzle or something else about it perhaps?
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Something along those lines, as well as the expression a little bit too. Maybe I’m just looking too much into it though~
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It does depend on what you're going for though... Are you going more for realism? Or more in the style of the show? I'm guessing your answer is probably both. ._. And maybe that's a reason why you feel that something is off with her face....Perhaps you're looking for more realism, so the muzzle and the expression might look off to you. Um, still. That's just my speculation though, Vanilla. 
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A mix of the two- semirealistic sort of style, y'know? So yep, you're right :^)
Yeah, that's definitely a possibility. Hard to place though, haha.
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Mine too, mine too.. <3 <3 <3 :3
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<3 I actually got her on my phone as background, can't have enough Sunset^^
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Desktop background on my end- and same here! She’s great ^^
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Awesome work on this portrait.
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