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Sunny at the Beach

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hey the new sunset outfit is pretty neat.

I feel like it's been too long since I've posted a full piece. I've had some here and there, but the gaps between them have been getting pretty wide for a while now. So I think it's about time I start focusing down on my own pieces again and start stepping on the gas a little bit~
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That is a great picture of Sunset Shimmer. It is nice to be at the beach.
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AHHHHH OK, I'M FINALLY GETTING TO COMMENTING ON YOUR ART PIECES AGAIN AND CATCHING UP AND TELLING YOU WHAT I APPRECIATE ON ALL OF THEM BC ATG is literally tomorrow and you're gonna have tons and tons of art that it'll take longer to catch up on, so a good incentive haha. NROAGN ALSO, I PROBABLY WON'T COMMENT ON ALL THE PIECES I'VE MISSED, BUT TRUST ME, I've seen all of them and they're gorgeous and you have improved a lot, even though you were already amazing and the amount of detail and cuteness wrapped into one is so admirable. Enough with the caps haha.

I definitely love what's going on a lot in here. It's all so cozy and the amount of warmth that you're able to bring with the combined colors and the textures are fantastic!  There's just so much of this that leaves me in awe. The detail and depth. You have her facial expressions and just the amount of emotions you're able to get from the eyes. Ahhh, that's incredibly sweet. The iris with that lush blue is gorgeous and it really is pure. You have the lighting and shine in the eyes that are displaying of that spark that she sees and the soothing waters. The shading is phenomenal, it really is crafted well and I love how it puts Sunset in the foreground with the amount of detail there is. YOUR MANES ARE STILL EVER SO LOVELY. LIKE SILK AND WITH JUST SO MUCH CARE that it really does come to life!! I love the pose, it's too adorable and makes me gush! The texturing with this overall is so smooth and I love how that works smoothly with the shading to give direction of everything. ALSO I JUST LOVE HOW HER MANE HAS That frazzled look to it near the ends to show that it's not just one piece and is strung together with strands and giving it the realistic look. LIKE, THE STRANDS OF HER MANE ON HER LEFT HOOF, WHERE IT JUST FALLS AROUND HER HOOF IN a way that's so gorgeous and graceful!! AHHH, YOU KNOW, I REALLY NEED A POSTER OF YOUR ART SOMETIME BECAUSE YOUR GORGEOUS PONIES GIVE ME LIFE. BUT SERIOUSLY, THAT IS A GOAL RIGHT THERE, I really would love to have your wonderful art on my wall ahhh <333 AND I'LL TRY TO KEEP MY OTHER COMMENTS SHORT SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE YEARS TO REPLY TO because you have things to do haha and art that you enjoy making. But ahh, I love your passion and love for art, you always impress me everytime and I'm always glad to share what I appreciate in your beautiful works. You definitely add something unique and loveable to the art scene and it's important <333
It makes me really happy too see that within the time I've missed you're getting all the love that you really deserve! I recall when I first found of your art and it was the most gorgeous thing and I adored every single thing about it and it made me smile lots. Relaying what I adore about your art honestly makes me smile lots for how you portray ponies and the life you give them. I REMEMBER when you first listened to my music and I GUSHED SO MUCH AND STILL GUSH, BECAUSE YOU'RE REALLY KIND AND IT'S SWEET TO KNOW THAT YOU support me to because I support you lots. You've really nailed this lineless style that you've been doing and adding life with each and every piece. Stay amazing <33 
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Aww thank you so much Neverlast THESE COMMENTS ARE SO LONG! Not saying that that's a bad thing at all cause it's the exact opposite of that- I always admire how passionate you are about this community and being as friendly and supportive as you can and it's so heartwarming to see your dedication, it's so admirable <33
And thank you for continuously checking out my art, even since the earlier days when I was still working to find my direction as an artist! I appreciate ya very much <3
Don't worry about commenting on everything I post or the stuff you missed- if you feel like leaving a comment then you can, but don't feel obligated at all! [:

aaAaa thank you for all the feedback on pretty much every aspect of what's going on here! I've tried my best to build up a strong coloring style, and I think at this point I was starting to become more comfortable with it, though I still had a lot to work on (and still do!). Lighting is still something I gotta figure out more in depth, but I'm really glad you like it!! And manes are so tedious and quite tiresome, but if you enjoy the result I'm sure it was worth all the time they took ^^
Haha, that'd be so great! If I ever do end up selling my work in some way, I'd be sure to send you one!! 
And likewise 100%, your music is so outstanding and wonderful, and the quality of it is only matched by your passion and commitment to this community and your music- you're fantastic <33
Aw thanks a lot for the kind words! I've certainly tried my very best over these years to up my skill as an artist, and I'll keep trying to do that as best I can~
And supporting your music is the least I can do in the face of your wonderful music and encouragement you give to artists of all types in this community, including myself and many others. You're the best, and stay amazing yourself <3
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<33333 I appreciate that you appreciate what I have to say heh. You're definitely super supportive yourself in the art community as I see during the ATG time currently and it makes me smile!! You're so very kind and lift others up and give them that encouragement to keep going, which is one of the aspects that aids in improving in art! Awww, I always love to show others that I appreciate what they have to offer in the community and that they're part of something wonderful, so I'm glad that you take notice of that and I can't tell you enough how amazing you are! Be it art, or as a person with your kindness! It definitely has been heartwarming to see you grow and get all that love <3
YES, YOU'RE DOING GREAT WITH COLORING AND IT'S SWEET to hear that you're settling with a cozy style! It's always sweet to reflect on your own art too and nice to see you do that! Definitely do what you feel is right and don't do too much tedious stuff, you gotta have fun still <3  yess, lmk when you sell prints heh

Thanks for listening also <33333 Your comments make my day!!
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Sunset with mini skirt panties and true form. So hot and cute at the same time
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I always get a bit of a chill whenever I imagine myself on a beach during the evening or at night... Either alone or with someone I care about. I guess it is something that I don't get to experience a lot, so it feels surreal to me. 

This painting does give me quite a bit of chill too, perhaps because it's on a beach at a time when the sun isn't shining brightly, but this just goes to show that the lighting and the shadow on this is impeccable. And that's just one of the things I really like about it. ^^

 That being said however, there are 2 things that you might not have intended. The first thing would be Sunset's right hindhoof. The angle of her knee is suggesting that her hoof would be pointing in a more diagonal angle, yet her hoof seems to have more of a sideways view to it. I mean, it does feel a bit unnatural, but at the same time, I do have trouble imagining what a more natural position/angle might be like. Another thing that you might not have intended was how Sunset's mane (the yellow part around the forehead area, but mostly the part to the right. Where Sunset is looking at) doesn't seemed to be as flowy as the rest of her mane. I'm thinking maybe it might look better if there were a few yellow strands to separate the yellow and red line. 

Still, those clothing you gave her certainly do a very great job at making her the focus of the picture since it has a very good contrast with Sunset's colour scheme! I mean, I did wonder how good the contrast on Sunset might be when she's drawn on the beach, and you certainly answered my question that, yes, it can work really well. @_@ 

Overall, I would say that this is an amazing painting that give me a chill whenever I look at it! That's just how convincing I found it to be. Admittedly, I'm not sure if this is the kind of criticism that you're looking for, but please do keep up the great, Vanilla!  
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Ah really? Well it definitely feels pretty different during those times- the ocean is also really scary at night~

Thank you for the feedback! You’re totally right about the hoof angle thing- I’ve actually been working on improving that kind of thing recently, so hopefully I’ll be fixing that problem. And I didn’t notice the hair thing before- thanks for pointing that out!

Haha yeah- I really liked the new Sunset outfit so I was excited to make a picture for it. Thanks again! And your criticism is plenty helpful =)
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Love this super cute piece of Sunset!! :aww: :heart:
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Thank you, I'm glad to hear!
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Oh my gosh, this is so adorable <3 I don't think there's a single piece you drew that isn't cute XD I'm particularly intrigued by the out of focus background. I've never tried that, but it definitely reinstates the focus on Sunset (:

where is sun spider? ):<
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Thank you! Always love drawing some cute ponies, but I should probably switch it up every here and again =P
I'm actually looking to find more of a balance between having some parts out of focus and others that have some amount of detail. There's certainly nothing wrong with using the blurred focus, but it feels like a cop-out to me sometimes, haha.
Thank you for the comment! ^^

(Oo I forgot about the little sun spidey :[ )
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I'm looking to do the same as well! I think you could really pull some heartstrings, doing some sad pone (:
I personally like the out-of-focus touch you put in there, even if you don't feel it's genuine XD

Nuuu Sun Spidey!!! I thought it was hidden in there somewhere XD
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Awesome work. Sunset fans will love.
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Thank you! And I sure hope so~
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Of course they will. It's gorgeous!
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The B E S T! Can't wait to see that special!

Also thanks for the bonus memes in the description. Top notch my dude!
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Thank you! And same here, I’m really looking forward to it!

Ayyy glad you appreciate them :^)
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OH MY GOD! You never disappoint. Love the style <3
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