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Spectrum of Lightning



This is a piece I did for a fanfic by Seriff-Pilcrow called "Spectrum of Lightning", which was just released today! It's part of the series "Daring Did: Tales of an Adventurer's Companion." Here's a link to it if you want to check it out, which I'd definitely recommend giving a try:…
It's very well thought out and I know a lot of time and work has been put into its creation. I certainly love what I've seen and read about already~

I actually did this picture back in April, so that's why it might look different from some of my more recent art. This was a pretty ambitious piece to take on for me, and it was definitely challenging, but I had fun putting it all together.
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Just want to drop in and thank you again for creating this! I'm still in awe with how amazing it came out. If there's any way I can return the favor, let me know!

Oh, and there's a little bit of confusion in the description. The name of the fanfic is "Spectrum of Lightning." The name of the series the fanfic belongs to is "Daring Did: Tales of an Adventurer's Companion" (or just "Daring Did"). Just wanted to clarify that. :)