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Spectrum of Lightning

This is a piece I did for a fanfic by Seriff-Pilcrow called "Spectrum of Lightning", which was just released today! It's part of the series "Daring Did: Tales of an Adventurer's Companion." Here's a link to it if you want to check it out, which I'd definitely recommend giving a try:…
It's very well thought out and I know a lot of time and work has been put into its creation. I certainly love what I've seen and read about already~

I actually did this picture back in April, so that's why it might look different from some of my more recent art. This was a pretty ambitious piece to take on for me, and it was definitely challenging, but I had fun putting it all together.
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Just want to drop in and thank you again for creating this! I'm still in awe with how amazing it came out. If there's any way I can return the favor, let me know!

Oh, and there's a little bit of confusion in the description. The name of the fanfic is "Spectrum of Lightning." The name of the series the fanfic belongs to is "Daring Did: Tales of an Adventurer's Companion" (or just "Daring Did"). Just wanted to clarify that. :)
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No problem! Thank you for asking me to do it, and I'm really glad you like how it turned out!

Oh ok, gotcha, I'll go fix that :^)
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Dang, I want to know what inspiration you pulled from for that background--it is awesome!
The composition is so rich, and the lighting is just epic. Twilight Velvet is totally rocking that badass jacket too.
Overall, great work. And I've totally had the experience of having such an old project that's much different from current style ^w^
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The background was based on actual towns-- glad you like it :)
(The author had a whole bunch of organized concepts and pictures of what locations and other elements of the story would look like)

Haha, thanks! And yeah, she totally does :^)
Thank you for the feedback ^^
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I'm getting a Raiders of the Lost Ark vibe here!
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Ayyy when I first saw this I was like, HOW DID YOU HAVE TIME TO DRAW SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ATG, but then I read the description lol. 
For being a couple months old, it's still really good! There's quite a lot going on, and all the lighting and shading effects are really cool. 
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Haha yeah, that would be something wouldn't it?
Thank you, I definitely put a lot of effort into making this one :^)
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Tfw you accidentally post your comment before you're done typing and your phone won't let you edit for some reason :^(
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a lot of stuff going on here! really nice job! :)
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I'm trying to be amazed by this incredilbly stunnishing artwork, but all I can think of is how does she pull the trigger? :D
Seriff-Pilcrow's avatar
If you look closely, the trigger and the trigger guard are enlarged.
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Still doesn't look like her hoof could fit there.
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oooo, this is really well done! You have this super established setting & the character placement of it is really well done. The lighting in here with the lightning & the tanks in the back really give the context here which I love & definitely a fic that I'll check out!!
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Thank you! And I'm glad to hear that you'll check it out :]
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Hmm.... What would you say is the most challenging part of making this drawings, Vanilla? Could it be the background, perhaps? There's so many varying elements in the background, and you probably could spend hours on them.  
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Yep yep, definitely the background for this one. Took a while to plan out and get the sketch right, and then the coloring was pretty challenging as well. Doesn't help that I'm not the best with backgrounds in the first place either, haha.
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