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sweetiebelle and scootaloo (together) plz Happy Birthday PeriodicBrony, hope it's a good one! I know you like yourself some Scoots, so here's a thing. Thanks for being a great friend ^^
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Ooo, the background is so smooth. This piece really makes me feel warm. I think part of it is the ambient rim-lighting you added--is that some experimentation?
Very cute, and awesome that you made this!
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Yep! I like the color it adds, so I've been trying to do more stuff like that-- glad you noticed it!
Thank you thank you <3
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Aww man yoy already got me one. Now I have to return the favor before we start our art trade. Thank you so much for all these past years too. It's been great. Lovely scootaloo, man!
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Yep, moments after discussing our art trade I whipped this up in 5 seconds to get the upper hand :^)

Thanks, the same goes for you-- it certainly has been great!
Though no need to make me something in return before our art trade, it's your birthday, not mine ^^
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