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Ruler of the Sands

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This art is amazing! May I be allowed to use it on YouTube as background picture for my new soundtrack and maybe also on Newgrounds? I obviously also give credit.

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For sure, thank you for asking!
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Thank you a lot for your approval. I appreciate that a lot ^^.

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Awesome!!! 0w0~
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You're Welcome!! 0w0~
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Could it be? Is that you, Somnamburectangular? The rectangular pony of legend! The most rectangular pillar of Old Equestria?! I mean, I knew she was rectangular, but I didn't think that she'd be this rectangular! D=

Great job, Vanilla! You're off to a very rectangularly start this year! =P I wish I could offer some constructive criticism regarding rectangles admittedly, but I fear that my eyes are not experienced enough yet to offer something of use to you in that regard. D=

Oh, but I guess I should also talk about something else beside rectangles huh? All right, all right. I understand. >.>

Just look at the way her wings work with the doorway and the pillars! And the ground with the shifting of the sand! They all point to  Somnamburectangular as the focus! I'm really liking how this picture "flows" you could say. ^^ 

Though, I do feel that you might have drawn that golden ring around her body a bit too big since it seems to have a loose fit.  

But even so, you got the Egyptian look down very precisely! That pose and that stare of her seemed like something you would find in an Egyptian book (Except it probably won't be as detailed and colourful). In any case, this is top notch work as always, Vanilla! ... And I know I said this already, but I do think this is a really rectangular drawing. =D
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It is! Making an appearance for the first time in many centuries- what a time to be alive~
And despite all this rectangle talk, I still don’t think I fully understand what it really means- at this point it’s just open to interpretation for me =P

Thank you for the feedback! I don’t usually do ponies in these very spacious environments, so I’m glad that this worked out.
Ah, but what if the golden ring is used for hoola-hooping? 8^)
Thanks again for all the commentary~
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What?! A Hoola-hooping Somnamburectangular?! Why that is... is making a lot more sense than it should actually. Somnamburectangular is suppose to be Pinkie Pie's counterpart in Old Equestria after all so of course she's ready to do some hoola-hooping at a moment notice. @_@

Ah, but still, perhaps a bit of an elaboration is in order. =P What do I mean when I say that someone or something is rectangular? True, there are times that I might be referring to the literal, physical form of a rectangle when I say that they are rectangular, but more often than not, I am referring to the person or object as being rectangular in spirit! Even if someone or something lacks the physical form of a rectangle, they can still be very, very rectangular in spirit. 

In spirit, a rectangle can represent many characteristics and traits. For starter, you could compare a rectangle to a square to get a better sense of its spirit. A rectangle is like a square... yet oh so different. Unlike a square, a rectangle doesn't have the same length on all 4 sizes. At first you could say that the square is more balance in that regard, but that might not be so desirable. Take for example, even in my own room, I am surrounded by rectangles no matter where I look. Yet, squares seem to be more difficult to come by. They're more uncommon you could say. But then, why are rectangles more commonplace? Could it be that, despite the rectangles having unequal height and width, it has a more practical application? Surely, rectangle can represents consistency and reliability given that many objects use that shape. In this sense, you could say that the rectangle's sense of balance is more practical than the square. One could even go so far as to say that the rectangle has a better and more appropriate sense of balance than the square does. This is not to say that the square is a bad shape by any mean, but it's just that I do find it to be too, too balance more often than not. 

So, yeah, long story short, when I say that something is rectangular, I could have meant to say that something is consistent, reliable, practical, edgy, has very appropriate or well thought-out balance, has excellent structure, and/or has other positive characteristics depending on the context. 

.... Um. But you probably shouldn't be taking all of the above too seriously though since I just made it all up on the spot, Vanilla. >.>
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Ah okay, thank you for the detailed (on the spot) explanation- I can feel myself becoming spiritually merged with the essence of the rectangle and I believe that I’ve achieved a certain stage of enlightenment.
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... I have a feeling that this year has just gotten a lot more rectangular for both you and me. >.> On the bright side, I heard that being rectangular can make you magnetic to a wide variety of people, so that could work out in your favour! Though, there is a bit of a side effect in that you'll be edgier than you usual are, but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. =P

In all seriousness however, it seems that people in general will associate different characteristics with different shapes. At least, according to this video by Sycra:…

I just think it's pretty interesting to keep the shape in mind when designing a character. Come to think of it, this could also be why the mares in FIM have a more rounded nose in comparison to the stallions having a more rectangular nose.
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Yeah definitely! I know a little bit about how shapes affect the look/feel of a character from studying humans- y'know, the whole box-y men and more curved/smoother women sort of thing, which I guess Sycra kinda referred to in this video.
Yep! Mares have smoother muzzles, while stallions have more rectangl-y ones. Definitely done intentionally keeping shapes in mind~
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Possibly my favorite of the new characters :) excellent work!! :D
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You're most welcome!
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That is freaking badass
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Haha, glad you like it! ^^
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Really beautiful!
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