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Non-Rara ponies coming soon, but she's my go-to music pony.

Trying to up the speed on my painting since taking too long on each piece is causing some problems (I think). I miss a lot of mistakes when I get too used to staring at a single painting, and I'm noticing that a number of my older pictures have some pretty notable errors that slipped by me in this way. And that effect lasts for a long time, which is problematic because now I'm always scared that I might've messed something up without realizing and I can't even see the mistake to fix it (at least during the painting phase). Not much I can do months after I put it out, but I'm hoping that being a bit faster will help me to better myself in that regard.
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Wow-wee! Making Rara to be adorable like this is the one I'd go with!
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This is a great picture of Rara. Octavia and DJ Pony are the really popular music ponies. However Rara is the one that I really like. She became the focus of an episode. The episode was so interesting and moving. There was commentary on real world issues of the pressures of fame as well as pop music trends. I liked Rara better towards the end when she sang a ballad on the piano. It is not flashy but it sounds so much better.
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Thank you! She’s my personal favorite of those music ponies. And I loved her ending song as well.
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Awwwe, le winky face! So cute! So much good stuff in this gallery :O
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Thanks a lot, I appreciate it (:
So cute Pony =3
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Who wants 2 C her again in the future?
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Nice art work you did.
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You made her so adorable in the recording box! :thumbsup: :)
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Thank you, I’m glad you think so! :)
idrawspony's avatar
EXTREMELY PRECIOUS :''00 I really really looove this mmaaaan <333
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I love how you make Rara. You always make her look so cute and this picture is evidence to that notion.
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Haha, thank you, I’m glad you think so!
Mecha-Dragon101's avatar
Rara x Applejack pictures when? :p
Amazing work btw Vanilla, you make the best Rara pics
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Oo that’s a good one actually- I’ll have to add that one to my ideas list =P
Haha, thank you, I’m glad you think so!
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Nice work!
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Best pic to bring to Lana Hall for an autograph.

Awesome work
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