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Rain [CAPs D12]

MLPDS CAPs: 12 October 16, Day 12: Rain

Tried lineless again :T
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Ah ha nice work, I really love that pose with her wings and all--looks great in the rain.
Good job on the lineless, the shading on her coat works out very well. I think the mane has a good start on shading, but could use a bit of "inking" to better define the small details of her hair (like her her mane around her crest is disconnected in lighting). I have this problem so many times when I paint hair. (Though how you shape her mane is awesome)
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Thank you!
Yeah, I see what you mean. I'll keep that in mind :]
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That is simply beautiful.  
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On the darkest of days, only she can bring the light...
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Awesome job with the shading and highlight, Vanilla! I think the highlight makes Fluttershy's mane feel so real and alive... That could be just me however. =P

If I may ask though, were you following any specific tutorial for this lineless attempt? It's just that some of her mane strand seems to stick out to me, and I'm thinking that it could have been caused by some techniques you were using. I still have yet to wrap my mind around the concept of lineless art, but this looks like a pretty solid attempt to me as you're using shadow and highlight to contrast the different area of Fluttershy's body.  
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I actually just tried using my normal shading technique without lineart for this attempt. I just kinda lucked out with the mane, I threw together a combination of a couple brushes, and it came out alright, haha.
Yep, that's the idea =D
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Omg so awesome, great job :D
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Quite lovely!
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Thank you, I appreciate it!
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