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Queen of Controversy

Got a little bit lazy on this, but at least I completed most of it- was really really close to just scrapping it. I think I need to work on my upwards looking head angles though.

Anyone got some music to listen to? I'm running out of good tunes and music really helps me work. Anything goes, I just need something new to listen to~
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"Sunburst, hurry and finish painting me as a French Mare, I think this ship is tilting..."
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If there's a 3D movie,this just has to be a clip of a scene,no other explanation on why it looks so amazing
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So she's the Jake Paul of MLP. But she isn't a piece of shit.
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:iconstarlightcuteplz: Oh what's that?  I look fabulous?  Yup, I know.
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from villain to "I am stealing all your Waifu's"
You get a comment for that amazingly hilarious Title. :D

Have you tried Video Game Music? I personally love the Mega Man series, especially the X series. :D
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Haha thanks, I’m glad you like it! Sadly I’m not clever enough to come up with something that good myself, it’s a reference to a song lyric =P

I’ve actually been listening to a few game OSTs recently which have been quite nice. I just gave some of the Mega Man X music a listen and I really enjoyed it! It’s certainly a nice feel for doing art- some really good stuff. Thank you for your suggestion! c:
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The Queen of Controversy, the world feels so empty without me. xD 
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Ahh I'm so happy someone got the reference! Thank you :^)
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You're welcome. :) Whenever a reference cries out, I'll be there!
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:iconstarlightsexyplz: :iconsaysplz: Stirring the pot is easy when it's already boiling.

Not sure how big you are into symphonic music, but here are a few suggestions from me:…
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Love 'em all, they sound amazing! Very engaging songs, and definitely worth listening to. Thanks for the suggestions! ^^
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That really is the most fitting title I've seen gifted upon this shit eating grinning horse. Well done.
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It's still good that you completed most of it, Vanilla. ^^ I do believe what you take away from a drawing/painting is by far the most important aspect of it as those are the type of things that tend to stay with you forever. Would it be safe to say that you learnt quite a bit from this painting?

Hm... And you're looking for some music huh? Most of the songs I listen to tend to be the epic/confrontation type from video games, and while those are good when you're drawing something cool, epic, or action-oriented, it may not be so good when you're drawing or painting a fond moment between ponies. I'm beginning to think maybe that's why I don't have much drawings focus around a tender or cute moment... or maybe I picked up a few quirks or two from Rainbow Dash. ._.

Take for examples:

Last Battle (Cave Story) -…
Oleander's stage theme, Oleander's Final Round (TFH) -… (For added tenseness, pretend you're up against Oleander)
Paprika's stage theme, Arizona's Final Round (TFH) -… (For added salt, pretend you're losing to Arizona in every possible manner)
Goku Black Theme (DBZ Fighter Z) -…
The Stains of Time (Metal Gear Rising Revengeance) -…
Egg Reverie (Sonic Mania) -…
Pepper Steak (OFF) -…  (This one has a more bizarre feel to it.)

Um, but still. Perhaps you're looking for something else entirely, Vanilla. 
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Yep yep, so there was some good that came from it! c:
Don't worry, I don't usually distinguish my music depending on what I'm doing, so that's fine! I just like listening to stuff~

Sorry for getting to this so late, but I did get to listen to all of these! You got some nice high energy songs over here, and I enjoyed all of them quite a bit! I like how you've got some of the TFH music in there too, they've got some really great stuff.

Nah, you're spot on- I wanted to hear good music and that's what you gave me. Thank you for all the suggestions!
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I would suggest Marcus Warner. He makes a lot of good music.
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Just listened to some- really amazing stuff! Sounds straight out of a movie soundtrack or something, it's pretty phenomenal. Thank you for the suggestion!
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