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Pinkie Pie Splash Art

2nd installment of my pony splash arts. I'll probably keep going on them-- they take a while, but they're a lot of fun to make.
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What a total badass. Hasbro needs to nerf Pinkie Pie.
These are so cool, I can't wait to see what sort of themes you come up with for all the ponies
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Pinkie OP again, get it together Hasbro.
Ay, thanks! I'm not sure yet either, but we'll see.
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Fantastic atmosphere!  I love the salute.  The only thing I could really "critique" is her muzzle.  Right now her smile looks halfway between overjoyed and menacing... which kinda makes sense for Pinkie, but I'm not sure if that's the effect you're going for.

Very cool piece, though!
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Thank you! Yeah, I like that too actually ^^
I was going for a somewhat crazy smile, so thanks for pointing that out!
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Sir, I am pleased to report we have secured the cake!
We are preparing for the assault on the muffins, but those guards are good - like they can see everywhere at once!
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I love the concept's of these!!! Gotta love Pinkie with her part cannon
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Thank you! I'm certainly enjoying making them.
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