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Out On the Sea [CAPs D8]

MLPDS CAPs: Day 8, October 8 - Seas and Oceans

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Is a strange (and dangerous) way to find inspiration.
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Where's she going?
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Who needs a destination when you can just float around randomly :^3
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SO tell me rara can you SEE the C in the SEA ?
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Oh no, Rara is setting sail on a ship all alone!
I don't even know why she seems un-phased, but it's sure is a great, adorable expression
Good work with the background too, all that blue goes well with Rara's color.
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Because adventure! Or something like that.
Thanks ya! :^D
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Rara ra your boat gently down the stream!
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Mare-ily, mare-ily, mare-ily, mare-ily,
Life is but a dream!
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Hmm.... This must be the second time you drew Rara at sea, is it not? Was it just a coincidence? Or Perhaps you're hoping for a sea episode with her in it? Coincidentally, did she just decimated a ship by any chance? Rara looks awfully content. >.>

On a side note, I really like how crisp and firm her cutiemark looks. Did you spend a lot of time on it? It feels so real, Vanilla. ^^ 
VanillaGhosties's avatar
It is :^3
Though it is just coincidence, haha. But hey, I'd take any episode with her in it.
And yep, but it's okay! She can make a life boat out of the wreckage. Steering ships is hard. Maybe. I wouldn't really know.

Haha thanks. I put some time into it, but not really too much.
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Ooh, nice! Always good to see more Rara! :D

Also, just a really good piece overall. Great work on the horizon mountains, the sky and clouds are really pretty, and props for managing water correctly (you'd be surprised how many people get waterscapes wrong by trying to fade them the same as landscapes). Plus, y'know, adorable pony is adorable. ^_^
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Yeah, I love Rara's design, it's super nice :^D

Thank you, I appreciate it!
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