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Not Throwing Away My Shot

Inspired by the musical Hamilton, specifically from the song My Shot.
Although I've never seen it (totally wish I could though) all the songs are on Youtube and they're all absolutely awesome.
I definitely recommend to check them out, and if you do, some of my personal favorites are the one I linked earlier (that's my favorite), as well as The Room Where It Happens and Non-Stop.
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So is Rarity meant to be Hamilton here, or is this just a piece inspired by the song? Either way, it looks great. 
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It was inspired by the song, and she's dressed in Hamilton's clothes. And thanks!
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Yep rarity looks cool holding that gun and looks cute dressed in that nice one hugs smiles
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Your fine it was good art work well done nice one smiles (: (:
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I heard about this musical! It does have an amazing soundtrack! I wish I could see it too...
Although thinking of Rarity singing this song is kinda funny
But anyways, great picture! Rarity's mane is really hard to draw, but you did it very detailed and very well.
The gun, the clothes, and the shading are also all very well done. My only critique is that the shirt looks a little weird by her neck.
Other than that, it's an amazing picture! Wonderful job!
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Thanks! Yeah, Hamilton has been gaining quite a bit of popularity, rightfully so.
Also, after you said that I tried hearing that song in my head in Rarity's voice--it is quite hilarious xD
And critique is always appreciated as well, so thanks for that as well :]
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I try to be helpful. XP
Also, I heard that it's sold out on broadway for the next very long time
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Yes indeed, I believe it is. Guess the most I'll see of it is short clips on Youtube.
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so beautiful =)=)=)=) <3<3
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you very welcome my friend =)=)=)=)=) <3
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I've been looking over your gallery, and you've improved phenomenally over the course of the past few months or so. Not to say that your old stuff wasn't good, but art like this is downright stunning. Great job!
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Thanks so much, means a lot to me!
I've been trying my best to improve, and thankfully it's coming along although I still have plenty to learn xD
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