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Not Forgotten

Been riding the Sunset hype train ever since Forgotten Friendship- well actually I never really got off it to begin with, but the short movie is certainly helping to push it along.
I really enjoyed Forgotten Friendship, albeit there were several moments that were quite hard to watch- not in a bad way though, just in a "why do we have to see sunset so sad :c" way. I thought the whole thing was excellent throughout, and it's probably one of my favorite pieces of EQG content in a while (and I'm a huge fan of anything EQG).

As for this picture, it was kinda hard to paint actually. Not sure why, but everything felt very slow and I couldn't really bring myself to detail everything as much as I could have, so it feels a bit more on the simple side. Maybe it's because this had two full body ponies. Regardless, I still enjoyed making it ^^
Though I feel like there may be something weird about ponifying SciTwi in this scene, seeing as she already has a pony counterpart~
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man the way you did this it kinda reminds me when i watch a clifford movie, well only clips of it the scene you did it kinda reminds of a reunion between clifford and emily elizabith

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I like-love this ship because it's great

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Is that Sci-Twi?
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Yea, it is. Red the description?
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aaaawww that is so cute and lovely
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Tweeted this at Rebecca and she liked it so Sunset has seen it. :)…
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That's awesome, I've never had something like that happen before. Thanks so much for showing her! :)
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The art is great though I thought Forgotten Friendship had too much wasted potential. It wasn't very well written imo. The forgetting bit should have been less of the episode, the new character should have been dropped and the entire thing should have focused on Celestia and Sunset working out issues and making amends. Maybe that would have been too heavy for a series aimed at young people but I think it could have been done. 
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Thank you!
I definitely think that's an interesting idea, but if that were the case it probably should've just been its own movie entirely rather than splitting the two plots.
I personally thought it was fine, but I can see where you're coming from ^^
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Wait, she came back?! I'm waaaay too behind and need to catch up...
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There is quite a lot of overlapping clothing, limbs, and hair in this pieces, so that's probably why the painting may have been more difficult to do since you have a lot of shape to watch out for. And yeah, 2 ponies in full view may have had something to do with it too. >.> 

But yeah, I have to admit.... I do rely a lot on memory when it comes to just about anything (It's due to the way I was raised.), and having a very good memory is one of the few redeeming qualities about me. I even go out of my way just to keep my memory sharp (not drinking alcohol, not relying on the memory on a phone, using complicated password and manually entering them each times, do not save password, memorizing and recalling song lyrics, remembering little details about the few people I care about, and many other habits that may seemed out of place.). I guess what I'm getting at is... I do find that memory stone to be rather... nightmare-inducing. Poor, poor Sunset. I wouldn't want anyone to go through what Sunset went through. ._. 

But! I'm super glad that it worked out for her in the end! And you captured the feels so righteously in this picture here. I especially like your interpretation of what the ponified version of their powered up form would look like, Vanilla. ^^ 
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I think you're right. It takes a lot more time to make all the overlaps feel natural and work with each other, so that makes sense. 

Oo that's interesting- those are good habits for that sort of thing, and having a good memory can certainly come in handy. So it makes sense that the Memory Stone would be rather scary for you.
Yeah, all that was real rough on Sunset- glad this is a kid's show where everything gets resolved with a happy ending, but even so, you just gotta feel for Sunnygirl. Also, you watched the special? So are you all caught up on EQG now? =P

Thank you! I do love to draw those EQG outfits, even if I gotta put 'em on ponies :^)
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I think the only special I haven't watched is Movie Magic. And yes, I'm getting to it, I promise! D: More Sunset is always good, you know. >.> 
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That scene where Sunset was crying that she didn't want to lose Twilight memories was somehow strengthening the SunsetXTwilight ship.

Awesome work.
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I’m sure of it :^)

Thank you!
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My pleasure

Of course we are talking more of Sci-Twi here.
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