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No More Throwing Stones

As you can probably guess by the title (if you've heard the song before), this was inspired by 4everfreebrony's song House of Glass which I've loved for quite some time. I definitely encourage giving it a listen, it's an awesome song by an awesome musician.

I know I don't usually draw sad stuff, but I figured this was a good opportunity to do so, having the inspiration because of the song I just mentioned. I really wanted to add more to the background, but this piece has already exhausted me thus far, and I felt like I should just move on from it. Overall though, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and I got to draw Trixie again which is nice. 
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Thinking about poor Trixie always give me a feelsbadman kinda feel .

We all know she is the Most Greatest and Most Powerfulest of all , there is no doubt about that .

But thinking about all the time she spent on her own before she got Friends ( Sunset in EG and Starlight in the main show ) makes me sad .

It felt like she lost such a heavy burden once she got accepted by someone and made a friend . Much love to her . And kudos to you for yet another amazing work .
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Yeah, it’s good to see her get a friend to be able to rely on and all- especially given her history after that first encounter with Twilight. Good for her~

Thank you! ^^
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it always breaks my heart to see Trixie sad.
beautiful job here
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luv Trixie
she has so much she is hiding
has so much to learn
is such a great char/pony

I wish I could hold/hug her
hope she n starlight stay together forever
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Absolutely beautiful... :( :thumbsup: :love:

Also, thanks for the song recommendation!
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Thank you, I'm glad you think so! And no problem  ^^
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i wanna hug herMLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Cry Sad 
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you are improving so much!! :o very good job : )
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Thanks so much, I appreciate it! :)
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Nooo, I'm so sorry now!
You somehow made quite a well lit scene look so glum with your coloring, and I absolutely love the detail in the water and especially her face. I see you picking up quite some well known styles and doing so well in depicting such strong emotions. Even though you normally go with happy or determined emotions, you did an amazing job with portraying the pain and really expressing your inspiration. Well done ;_;
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad to hear that! It was definitely something different, but it was fun to make.
Though I'm curious, which styles seem to visibly show through? I do learn a lot from studying other artists, and even some particulars, so I'm just wondering what it looks like from someone else's perspective ^^ 
Thank you for the feedback as always <3
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Absolutely, I keep picking away at the lighting and am flummoxed with how well the color mixes.
I first thought of AssasinMonkey particularly with the muzzle and face details. Maybe the anatomy is close to Yakovlev-vad's. Idk, it's definitely a combination of a bunch to the point it's your own style. And honestly, I love how well you draw cloth.<3
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Yep yep! Those are both inspirations that have been pretty big for me for learning ponies and all, so you're totally right about that :^)
Thank you as always <3
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I love the atmosphere. You did a good job capturing the sorrowful expression and the weather really emphasizes this.
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad to hear that! :)
O_o.... so I can use your restroom?...
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poor lil Trixie :(
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She needs a cookie! I must give her one!!
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The feeling when you try to give a hug but the monitor is in the way... :'(
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*Offers hug and coco*Hug [ Pixel ] Mug of Hot Coco1 - F2U 
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Poor trixieeeee
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