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Mountain Climbing [ATG 2016 D19]

Prompt: draw an exhausted pony/draw a pony burning out.

Oh boy, inclines, my favorite.
Rushed this a little bit, just kept it kinda simple. 
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Fluttershy bothered sprite Stupid Mountain....why am I even doing this!?! I can fly!
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In case you slip and fall you can always fl- oh wait, your wings are tied by that bag... oh well, rip.
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I know dat feel Flutters XD
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Flutter all the way to victory. She looks really really tired.

What's up with you and PonyByteSketches ? Fluttershy is overrated.

We need more Twilight! Or Scoots. 

The mountain/background is weird to look at when you only showed one part of the rocky surface like that.

Other than that, this is good for a rush job. Really good with the expression as always.
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Woah woah woah, I don't draw Fluttershy that much, you can put me in the CMC corner or something :^)

 Yeah I know, haha, I got kinda lazy with that.

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CMC corner or was it just Sweetie Belle's corner?
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Both. Though I suppose I do draw Sweetie the most of the three of 'em.
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Yeah, I can see the Body proportions being abit off, but it's not that bad. Her back right leg is too small and her forlegs are abit too close to each other to show it's on both sides of the body. Other than that, Looks Great

I've been there yo! Seven Miles of Incline up a mountain! Cancer walk event thing I had to attend. But It wasn't that bad. Legs got tired but I got through it!
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Ah really? That's pretty crazy, but good job making it!
As for myself, I haven't done anything as big as that, but I do run on the cross country team for my school, and we have to run up some pretty tough hills from time to time, haha.
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Yeah, I'm just glad it wasn't where I currently stay at. 'cause here is about 100 degrees or more in mid day. Luckily it was someplace else near the mountains where it was Muuch Colder.
Cross Country, I was about to go for that...Buut I didn't heh.
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Oo yeah, that'd be pretty bad.
It's kinda fun, I just do it to try to stay in shape. I'm not actually very good at it.
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'ts Great though! Just keep going at it.
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Thanks, I appreciate it.
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O boy it's fluttershy. You win a pony
I'm way too tired and delusionla to write a comment my friend
I shouldn't even be on the internet right nowwwww rip me
maybe it's cause i'm so tired but some of her body proportions look kinda off.
I don't know though. Overall i really like it. Cute fluttershy is always cute. 
Great work like always!
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Well, you're right, the body proportions are off. I made up a random quick sketch before I went out for most of the day, and then I came back and was too lazy to make a real sketch and just used a cleaned up version of this one. Thanks for pointing it out though, haha.
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