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LyraCrank [ATG 2016 D9]

Prompt: draw a video game pony/draw a pony playing a game.

Look, Lyra got hands!
I was thinking about doing an Overwatch pony, but I went for Blitzcrank from LoL, because he's carried me to diamond like 3 times. I'd like to say I main AD carry, but it seems I always turn back to The Crank sooner or later whenever I fail to carry in anything except deaths.
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I never actually commented on this, did I?
Well it has Lyra, so tons of bonus points there.
Plus Pudge Blitzcrank is a really cool character. I love how you combined the two, and I love Lyra's outfit!
It's really detailed, and very well done. I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. 
I agree with Periodic. You are the best at clothing. XD
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I love it! Come to think of it, this is genius!
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I've always wanted to play as blitzcrank, never had the chance, but I've heard he plays like a mix of Pudge an Tusl from Dota.
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He's simple and fun. He's like Pudge in the sense that his main ability is his hook. I haven't played Tusl before though, so I can't say anything about that, haha.
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I typo'd and mean't Tusk :/

Eh oh well XD
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Hands down to the god of suit. You are the best at drawing clothes and suits. I mean, this one and that Splinter Belle are both amazing with details.

I am very stupid at drawing small things. That's why my pictures are always so big. Still keep doing what you are doing, man. I am real happy with how this turned out to be.

Jeez now i'm so jelly, but my lessons on perspective and landscape is not yet done. I'll have to stick with them for now.

Still this is truly an amazing piece. Like the mane flow and everything. 
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I just try and add in random small details that kind of look like stuff, haha.

It's not too bad, just start with the bigger details, and then get smaller and smaller until you've filled up all the space. That's how I do it at least.

I gotta study that stuff as well, I really need to get better at that too.

Thanks ya again!
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