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Looseleaf [ATG 2016 D23]

Prompt: draw a pony fixing something/draw a pony on the mend.

Have fun trying to fix that tail up, only to end up messing it up further into a state of disrepair.
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What would happen if she would erase the head? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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She wouldn't have a head ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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I love this this; This looks wonderful!
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Sweetiebelle (smile) plz Thank you, I appreciate it!
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Crayons yo, Difficult thing to work with.
Neat Picture haveing her interact with the paper, Only thing I'd have to suggest is the Hooves. I'd think that it's fine without the bottom ends showing. Just having the plain hooves is find with me. 'ts simple which I really enjoy too.
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Yeah, most certainly.
Thanks! And I guess so, wasn't sure if it'd look correct or not :S
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yeah, I guess from there it just depends on the preference of the artist. As for me, I like it plain and having the bottom end to the ground.
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Messing it up further into a state of disrepair? I don't know about that.... As it is, the tail you gave Sweetie Belle is pretty hypnotic. Are you saying that you could make it even more hypnotic? @_@
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Well that's how I feel whenever I try to erase and fix something on traditional, haha.
And I guess so-- her tail could totally work as a pendulum :^)
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OKAY comment spree ends here I guess. 

Sorry for taking so long to comment on your pics.

I am very busy lately.

Also drawing a pony drawing a pony is really nice.
I think this is the only thing I haven't done yet since I started drawing.

I really like her face one this one too. It feels different from your usual muzzle style.

It suits her very much. OR maybe it looks like this just because you drew her face like this on this angle.

Still a neat work as always. I can't describe how awesome you're to never miss the prompt. I am just a lazy man.

Keep 'em coming I'll be cheering you on!
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Hey, no problem, happens to me as well. You don't need to comment if you're busy, or for any reason really. I don't want you to feel like it's your obligation to comment whenever I post something, haha. Just do it whenever it's convenient for you, or when you want to.


Thanks! And yeah, I've tried a couple mini new things recently, and the angle on this would be one of them.

Thanks again, I appreciate it a lot :D
Aw, don't be too hard on yourself, if you're busy than priorities come first. There have been days that I didn't feel like doing the prompt either, or didn't put as much effort as I should have, but I've just tried my best to keep up.

If you plan on making more ATG art yourself, I'll be rooting for you as well ^^
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This is actually pretty gr8.
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Haha I love this. It's so meta. I love this kind of humor. 
Sweetie Belle's hair is hard. I don't blame her.
I was about to question why she's drawing herself, and then I realized how often I draw Neon. Rip.
I'm really out of creative things to say at this point. 
Sweetie Belle is so cute though. She's a great pone. And you always draw her so cutely too! 
Another great picture to add to your gallery. Awesome work man!
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Glad ya like it :D
The pose was a little weird to do, especially since I'm not that great with them myself, but luckily this looks mostly natural.
Heh :^)
I know how ya feel. But you're much better at comments than I am, haha.
I try my best to make my Sweetie Belle's pretty rad, though I'm still searching for the secrets of how to make her even cuter.
Thanks ya for your support!
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There's always a way to make her cuter. Maybe with socks and bigger shinies in her eyes! :D
I try my best to keep my comments entertaining and worth reading. It gets hard after commenting so much to keep coming up with new stuff to say though.
But you should show me how that pose works sometime. It's really rad.
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Oo yes, you are quite right with that!
Yep, takes some time and effort xS
I'm not even entirely sure how this pose works myself, haha. It looks normal, but it might be incorrect anatomy-wise and whatnot. But as long as it's not too noticeable it's alright L:
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