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Like Nopony Else

"I didn't get a rocktorate because I can shred on guitar like nopony else."
Likely story...
Guitar is a swell instrument~

Oh boy, new episode art-- it's been a while. Always love me some Maud :^)
The episode itself was pretty enjoyable too.
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Title doesn't do her justice. Love it. Boulder Pony OC Wouldn't mind seeing another Maud art...
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OK - that`s actually super cool.
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I hope she becomes a rock star :)
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That's so fuckin metal...!

Rock on, Maud Pie...!
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I Wanna Rock!
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It's definitely the most fitting instrument for her. =D
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Maud: I shall now play 4'33" by the composer, John Cage. Please turn off all cellphones for the duration of the concert.
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YES!!! This is GLORIOUS!!!
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Well she didnt get a rocktorate for it but she can. :D
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I'm pretty sure she secretly does shred on a guitar like nopony else ! for the sake of the pun !
*sneaks up behind her with drums*
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:iconmaudpieplz::iconsaysplz: My tracks know how to rock and roll like a stone.
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"I shall play you Boulder's lullaby."

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The only way ponies get her.
I'm amazed you somehow got a pony to play guitar.
My goodness, I love how rich, yet so modest, the lighting is. And the scene supports the character so well, this would make an epic character card XD
Such stunning work with how you've executed it. Fabulous ^3^ <3
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Yep! Must be difficult with hooves and all though. Is it even possible? I'm sure they'd find a way to do it.
Thank you thank you thank you <3
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".... and nopony else matters..." (Metallica)

Awesome work.
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