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been a while since my last sweetie
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Good luck, S.B.
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See now! This Sweetie here was drawn and painted by someone who is very familiar with their Sweetie. You would think that Sweetie Belle is a simple enough subject, but even at the basic level, her curly mane can throw people for a loop (I know I have trouble with that). Oh, and see how Sweetie Belle is using her mouth to wield the paint brush instead of using her magic? Yeah, she's definitely holding back just to be nice. Don't underestimate her. >_>
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Ah yes, all the experience I've gained from drawing Sweetie Belles in the past gives me enough expertise to still be familiar with her now <:
Yeah, the curly mane used to be real difficult for me too, but once you find out how to do curls it's not so bad. Also, she needs to hold the paintbrush in her mouth because she wouldn't be as cute if she just levitated it magically~ ^^
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After seeing a great picture or a toturial
I was inspired,I think I can draw the same level,I was buffed,I orginzed the whole picture of my own in my mind,I thought I'm a genius,I picked up my pen......

Then found out I don't know what to do!!
omg where should I draw first!wtf is this colour!how it looks like from behind!how twist can this part be!should I delet this layer?!Oh wait what I just deleted?!
......few hours later......
What is this!?THIS IS NOT WHAT I'M PLANNING!?!?wait...waitwawawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!..i cant fix it i can i can i cannnnnnnnooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!ICANT!!!!GODHELPME!!!!!
......second day morning......
well that's actually pretty goooooooood,huh...well done!ME!
......the very minute after submitting......
wait...that part aint can i did notice ...wait I will fix it and update it again..."tsk tsk"...ok just a little bit...there there.........(another day passed)...
......a week later......
OMG what have I draw......>_<QAQ

Happened every time I was inspired...
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Ahh yes, the artistic process. Very accurate :^)
That's just how it goes sometimes- at least it's enjoyable! ^^
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Genius at work!😊😀😎⭐️💕
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She's grown up, her voice no longer crack (a pity) but she remains among the cutest of them all.

Awesome work on this piece. How many hours?
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Yeah, it’s truly tragic that she lost her squeaks. But she’s definitely still her adorable self!

Thank you! This one probably took around 8-9~ hours.
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It was part of her charm.

My pleasure. How can you afford this much amount of time for making those pieces? A bit each day?
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The school year just ended for me last week and I'm on summer break so I've had a lot more time to work on art. Most of my freetime goes into art, so I basically just work on a piece as much as I can each day until it's done.
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Most of your free time? Wow. I'm sure it's mostly passion driven, but commissions must really help you, then. And I'm pretty sure a lot of people asked you for you, thanks to your artistic talent recognition.
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Yep, I just really enjoy drawing and learning art! Though I actually haven't taken commissions yet, so my art has mostly been my own stuff up to this point- save for a few requests that I've taken from friends or random people from awhile back ^^
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Is it normal to be so demotivated by your superior skills? How can such adorable perfection inspire so much, yet makes me cry. Ahhh P3P
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Ahh I hope not, that wouldn't be good- please don't feel demotivated, you're amazing! <3
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Aw... The puppy's becoming an artist! Pug Puppy Panting 2
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