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I'm So Pretty

:iconstarlightcuteplz: watch me move

Process:  [Process] I'm So Pretty by VanillaGhosties
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Used in P@D song, Fathom. Brilliant art by the way!

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Stunning, absolutely stunning. 
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You Sure Are, Glimmy.😊
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I love it, I think it will be my new wallpaper.

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Thanks a lot, I’m really glad to hear!
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Starlight: Thanks for the dress Rarity.
I love it!
Rarity: No problem, darling.

Starlight looks so gorgeous with that dress ❤

Good drawing VanillaGhosties.
Have a nice day! :)
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Thanks a lot, I appreciate it! Have a nice day yourself :)
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Yes, Starlight, you are.
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That is a lovely picture of Starlight.
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will you draw with an old classical mane?
If you might be interested can make an idea of the picture.
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<333333333333333 There's just that magic about ponies with blue eyes and you always seem to enhance that charm when it comes to those ponies. I adore Starlight in here, that OUTFIT <3333333333333333333 That outfit is so gorgeous. The grace with that as if the wind is flowing and the way it falls away from her. It's so wonderful! LOVE HER MANE TOO <3 THE LITTLE CURL AND THE LIGHTING AND HER EYES. That smile is very precious and everything within this. <33333 background adds that cozy feeling and the little pattern in her mane is amazing!! Really wonderful ahhh
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I love blue eyes! They’re such a pleasant color to paint, and they’re so vibrant and lively. This was a really enjoyable outfit as well- I believe it was shown briefly in the song after Starlight got reformed =P Always have to paint my favorite outfits! Speaking of which, I really need to draw one of the Rarity Investigates costumes :^)
Thanks so much for all the feedback! Always a pleasure getting your input <3
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Yesssssss, Those Rarity outfits ARE LITERALLY THE MOST PRECIOUS THING. Stay amazingggg
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That "This is America" reference 100% killed me. XD
Beautiful artwork, by the way! I love the shading.
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Glad you enjoyed it c^:
Thank you, I appreciate it!
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You're very welcome!
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She's... absolutely gorgeous in that outfit! :D
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Thank you, glad you think so! C:
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