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I Thought the Costume Might Help [CAPs D14]

MLPDS CAPs: 14th October 16, Day 14: Superheroes

It was worth a shot. Maybe try the broomstick next time, that one has got to work.
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Scootaloo can!
Fly triumphantly in the sky!
And gracefully descend in styleeeee!
SUPER Scootaloo
just needs a small lift from her fannnns!

... Okay, well. That sounds better in my head. >.> 

Great jobs as usual, Vanilla. I can just feel the impact Scootaloo probably felt during her sophisticated landing. =P
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Sounds fine to me, way to make a crash landing majestic :)

Thanks! Yeah, I bet, but she'll fly one day!
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Nice. The design of the suit is similar to the one I have.
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So do you do requests?
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Haven't done them for a while, sorry! Thanks for asking though.
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Ah well that's ok. When would be a good time to ask again?
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If I plan on doing some requests again, I'll make a journal about it, and that would be the time to do so.
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DaiLevy has the right idea. Good use of form and emotion in this piece. I'm also loving the costume design on this character. Reminds me of comic drawings in actuality. That's something I would say you should look into developing in the future - your own comic. I'm sure you and DaiLevy would be good for it and it'd be a lot of fun to develop as a project. You have the abilities, it'd be interesting to see what you could make of it. Good job today.
VanillaGhosties's avatar
My own comic? I enjoy making comic strips, though I can't say I've thought about making one with an actual continuous story, haha.
Thanks for the feedback! ^^
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This is so super adorable.
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Well, apparently not.
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