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This one was a bit ambitious for the amount of motivation I had to work with- not sure how to feel about it. Kinda digging the background though, I think I'm working them out a little bit better with less blur :)
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OH WOW, THIS PIECE IS FROM FEBRUARY, ahhhhhh, it's definitely been a while. Regardless, I really love the setup with Sunset & Starlight. They really are a fun pair-up and the scenario right here is fun haha. The perspective that you went for with this is so unique and you pulled that off well! That ambition definitely helped and I'm so happy with seeing how this resulted. You really always know how to give that cozy feeling towards your art pieces. Despite the setting, you take these two ponies and with conveying their facial expressions, body language and contrast sooooo, soooo well, you're able to give that warmth. As with warmth from the wonderful lighting that gives that more yellow, orange feeling that shines onto Sunset and her charm. AHH OHMYGOSH, SO I TOTALLY FORGOT HOW AMAZING YOU WERE AT MAGICAL AURAS, AND SUNSET'S MAGIC IS JUST SUPER GORGEOUS. WHAT EVEN, OMG, THAT'S TOP-NOTCH QUALITY AND IT REALLY IS BEAUTIFUL. There's the many lighting layers and just that frosty and pure blue going on with that glow towards it is very wonderful. I really cannot explain how great that is haha. Her chillaxed pose is great. Then of course, you have Starlight in here, and she's really great with this too! She's definitely ready to serve up some drinks and that little grin she has on there with that slight blush that is really adorable. She has that outfit on and her forehooves on the counter omg. This is one that would definitely be cool as poster. But seriously, LIKE, LET ME KNOW if even just one of your art pieces is made into a poster, BECAUSE I NEED THAT SO BAD.
LOVE THIS ONE A LOT, really amazing all around!! Those details ahh
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Ahh yeah, it has been a while since this one- but I still do love to draw Starlight + Sunset art! And not even necessarily shipping, I just like the two of them as a team c:
Thanks a lot for the comment! I do love to make these cozy warm pieces, they're always a pleasure and interesting to work with. 
Haha, really? I never considered myself to be anything special at the magics, but I'm really glad you enjoy it!
Yesss, I gotta have my ponies all cozied up- can't let my pictures go without some cuteness c^:
Well actually, I just recently agreed to have some of my artwork vended at cons by the Traveling Pony Museum! So they were selling some of my art (alongside many other artists) at Bronycon this past weekend. They do plan to show up at some other cons as well, but I don't know whether you've been to those or not. Still, I'm pretty excited about that! And thanks so much as always for your kindhearted comments and positivity, I appreciate it a ton <3
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Yesssss, you draw Starlight well, as such with Sunset, so when you combine both of those you truly get something wonderful! They're dynamic is truly fun and honestly love to see it and hope to see more of it heh. love your replies too for the immense love in that as also seeing your reaction. Also I get to look at these wonderful pieces again. YES, YOU ARE MMMMMM SO GOOD AT MAGIC & coziness. 
OOOOOOOOOO WHAT, NO WAY?! I DEFINITELY HOPE THAT I'LL BE ABLE TO GET SOME AT THAT CASE BECAUSE THAT'D BE THE BEST THING EVER. I've honestly been meaning to ask if you've been to any pony cons or have any near youu? But ahh, for sure excited to get some of your art pieces and it's sweet that you were able to get your pieces out there to wonderful people at Bronycon! Hoping for some to show up at EFNW next year haha.  <333333333333 Your sweet replies always make me smile too with the time you put within them as I know that you're quite busy <3 
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Yeah for sure- gotta love both of em. Thanks so much! <3
Yep! It’s super exiciting for me since I’ve never been able to sell prints myself, so it’s really cool that they’ll be able to do it for me, alongside a bunch of other awesome artists’ artwork! If they do show up at a con you’re going to that’d be so great! :>
Unfortunately I’ve never been to a con before, as much as I’d like to try one out. Have you been to any yourself? :>
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OHYES, I'VE BEEN TO EVERFREE NORTHWEST for around 2 years. This year I spent the whole 3 days there as last year I was only there for one day, so I guess technically you could say I've only been there for one year. But I'm definitely going to be going there for as long as it goes on as the venue it's at is literally 5 minutes from where I live, so that's pretty lucky haha and I'm making use of that. VERY MUCH PLANNING TO GO TO THE LAST BRONYCON because that's definitely a must. Hopefully I'll get to get some of your art prints at either of the two because that'd be <333 Ahhh, I REALLY HOPE YOU'RE ABLE TO GO TO ONE YOURSELF! That'd be the best thing ever!! What's the closest pony con to you? 
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Really? That's so awesome! And even better that it's so close to where you live <:
How'd you enjoy it? Get any cool stuff? I always love to hear about con shenanigans, they really do sound like a fantastic time~
I live in New York, and I know there was a Ponycon in the city at some point, but I'm not really sure if it's still going on. One of the problems is just that I don't have anyone to go with, and I don't want to do it alone.
I'm content with just making pony art online, but if I do get the chance to go to a convention I'd love to try one out!
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Yesssss, it was super fun! I definitely am with you in the fact of seeing con stuff and experiences of others, it's honestly so cozy in a way and makes me smile. Everyone has a different perspective, either who they're with, what they see/decide to see, the tons of merch haha, it's all surreal. But for me, I had a FANTASTIC TIME!! Definitely got some wonderful merch from wonderful artists! Got a TwiShy commision haha, ponies at dawn shirt (represent.) A Fluttershy poster from bobdude, some charms for my lanyard and probably some more stuff. But honestly, it feels amazing to support such amazing creators <333 I probably will never be able to get over that. AND AS FOR what I did, as obvious I stuck around music people which was fun and the concerts that they had, and it was SO much fun! I have many recordings on Twitter, but honestly it was for sure a highlight, hearing all that pony music together ahh. 

And ooo, New York, yess, I recall there was PoNYcon, though sadly I think it ran it's course because of the fundings for the venue was lots and they didn't get the amount of money that they needed for keeping it going for another year ;~;
You definitely keep doing you and making cute pony arts!
If by some chance we happen to go to the same con then I'd 100% would be happy to meet you and make sure you're not lonely heh <3 
But yessss, cons are amazing
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AAaa that sounds like it was an incredible time! A Twishy commission is exactly what I’d expect from you :^)
Oh for sure, a Pd shirt is definitely an essential, especially since you’re on it~
Also a Fluttershy from Bobdude? I’m so jealous.

Ah I kinda suspected something like that might’ve happened- too bad, but that’s just the way it goes~
For sure, that’d be awesome! But I also don’t know if it’ll happen unfortunately. I want to go to EFNW really badly since I know a bunch of people going, but I don’t think finals will be over for me in time, and it’s pretty much the entire country away from me :<
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Starlight looks adorable as a bartender and the fiery magic effect you gave to Sunset looks pretty awesome!:D (Big Grin) 
What kind of cider is Sunset drinking? Maybe it's of the highest quality in Canterlot or Manehattan.
Funny that in EQG she hated cider and now she's into it. Maybe it's to dull her hidden depresion?:thinker: 
For some odd reason Sunset Shimmer is kind of reminding me of Jessica Jones only less grumpy.
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Thank you, I’m glad you like it! :D
Oh, yknow, just the good kind of cider. The kind that is consumable and enjoyed by pony-kind :^)
Did she hate cider in EQG? I can’t recall her talking about it, but I’m not sure.
Ah, I’m not familiar- but good to hear! (I think =p)
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Did she hate cider in EQG? I can't recall her talking about it.
It was in the 1st EQG movie when she berrated Applejack that she brought cider.
She said and I quote "Fizzy Apple cider? Ugh! This is my coronation, not a hoedown.":D
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Ahh you’re right! I remember that scene now, that was some pretty funny stuff- good ol’ mean girl Shimmy ^^
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*sigh* i guess i never quite get the thing with Sunset... 
i know the rough deal but... watching EG for the rest? ...... unlikely 
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Ah, well I really like EG so that only helps my enjoyment of her. But if you're not a fan of it there's nothing wrong with that :L
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I love classy ponies and martinis.  This is fantastic!  10 / 10 would spend hours chatting with bartender Glim Glam.
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Thank you! And same, sounds like it would be a fun time :^)
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Sunset is looking good! Her mane is definitely more flowy and natural-looking this time around. And admittedly, I can't seem to make out where her outfit might be from, and it probably doesn't helped that I'm still behind with EQG. ^^; The outfit she's wearing is pretty nifty regardless and look very appropriate for the occasion.

Um, that being said though, do be careful with the visual tangent such as the one between Starlight's right eye and her mane (The mane under her right eye). I mean, since the "line"/border is touching but not intersecting, it can cause a bit of a spacing confusion to the viewer if that makes any sense. Some ways of fixing it would be to lower Starlight's mane away from her eyes to avoid the "line" just barely touching or position her mane a bit higher so there's a bit of an overlap between the borders. 

Regardless, I'm really liking the overall mood, perspective, and atmosphere of this setting! Sunset definitely seems pretty content to sit down and just have a drink whereas Starlight has a very professional air to her... How suspicious indeed. >.>
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Thank you, I’m glad you think so! And I suppose the reason you can’t make out where the outfit is from is because it’s not from the show- it’s based off of some random dress designs I found on google images ^^

Thanks for pointing that out! It’s certainly not something I would’ve noticed on my own.
A good solution would probably just be to take your advice the next time I draw Glimmy, but I think an easier fix would just be to never draw Starlight Glimmer ever again =P

Yep yep, glad to hear! Sure hope Glimmer isn’t using this as an alternative to magically mind controlling her friends~
Huffy26's avatar
Oh I see! That's pretty cool that you're using other sources for references too. I think it's pretty safe to say that you got good taste in clothing. =P 

And Wwwwwhat?!? o_O But Vanilla! How am I suppose to tell Glimmer that you won't be drawing her ever again? And how will I explain to Sunset why Starlight can't make an appearance with her in your drawing ever again? D= 

And um... I really hate to break this to you, but... I know not drawing Starlight ever again might sound like an easier thing to do, but for people like us, it might actually be a lot more difficult than it sounds. Muse, inspiration, and idea can come and go as they please, and you'd be surprise what you end up drawing sometime (For example, I was really expecting a lot more Rainbow Dash in my gallery, but it seems like I drew Applejack the most frequently). Not to mention all the stuffs that could happen in the upcoming seasons.... Well, on second thought, I guess if Starlight did something bad enough in the next season or so, it might actually be a lot easier to not draw her ever again. Huh. >.>

Ah, but what if some of her friends happens to be a teetotaler? That method certainly won't work on me at any rate. =P
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Hmmm I guess you’re right- maybe it would just be easier to take your advice and just adjust some of the positions of her features instead of just refusing to draw Starlight. Gotta keep my pony drawing library open I suppose :^)

Ah, that’s definitely a possibility. But unfortunately for Sunset, she doesn’t seem to have any companions to look out for her at the moment~
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