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Here's a Pinkie. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Again, I love how happy you make your characters, but not just the fact that they're happy, but how infectious their smiles are. You do such a good job at making them so cheery and bubbly that it's hard to not smile with them.
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Aw, thank you, I'm really glad you think so! ^^
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This is such a hypnotic picture... I may or may not have lost track of time while looking at it, but I don't mind. >.> I guess it helps she has such a friendly expression and body language. =P 

Hm, but it does seemed a bit strange for Pinkie's left eyebrow to run into her mane. I mean, Pinkie's left eyebrow has a very consistent placement in relation with the other eyebrow, so it only feels slightly strange because of it running into her mane.

Um, but still, this is such a great portrait! It's an excellent example of how zooming out even just a bit could do wonder for a portrait, and it's also something I should keep in mind. ^^
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It's her earth pony magic... of being stupidly cute. Tends to be hypnotizing huh? :^)

I think you're right about that- nice catch! I didn't notice it.

Thank you! Yeah, it definitely adds some more stuff going on around the face- though there's nothing wrong with just head portraits either =P
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I just need a hug Pinkie. This weekend has been so infuriating. 
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I need a pie that goes great with a turkey !
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Nice to meet ya, Pinks! :D
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Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate that! :D Lovely work as always!
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, and thank you!
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Just smile and be so sweet!
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Oh my gosh, those eyes are so beautiful and adorable. They keep engulfing me with feelings of inferiority >w<
The ponk is so happy as always, you keep blessing us with her puff. I'm starting to wonder if you're as energetic as the pinkmeister too, because she is awesome. <3
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Aw, they should make you feel all warm and fuzzy, not inferior! Unless it's in terms overall cuteness, in which case no human can really compete with her in that area anyways.
Ah yeah, I have been drawing lots of Ponks recently in all her poofy-maned goodness, but I'm basically a total opposite to Pinkie :^)
She is awesome though- best pony material.
Thank you! ^^
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hä yes!
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Some creamy pie please ;)
And ambulance... I have heart attack xD You are too adorable <3

Grate art!
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You nailed it. She looks so cute, I would not need something sweet because she already gave enough.

Wonderful work
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Ayy, that's the Pinkie specialty :^)
Thank you, I appreciate it!
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My pleasure. Keep up the good work
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I love your work so much Vanilla, great job :)
What's your favorite pony VanillaGhosties?
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Thanks so much, I'm really glad to hear that!
My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie! Maybe Sunset Shimmer if she counts too though.
Mecha-Dragon101's avatar
I count Sunset Shimmer too it's fine <3 I saw some random post online explaining a bunch of reasons why her and her EQG human form is the "perfect" pony
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