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Goodbye, Future [ATG 2016 D22]

Prompt: draw a pony from or in the future/draw a pony out of time.

Apparently Rainbow Dash did not think this plan through.
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Little RD then decides no more hot sauce before bed, possibly becoming the nervous one in the group (provided they still meet up for NMM), or out and out becomes a completely different pony because of an ill-planned prank.

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Now, as I start to think entirely too hard about this, this then begs the question of how relativity might affect this...will Future Rainbow's perspective of the future change to adapt from her perspective and if so, will she ever become aware of her mistake? If her future changes too, wouldn't that entail that she'd never be in a position to change time in the first place, thus causing the change to never happen to begin with? If it doesn't, then that would mean a part of the timeline somehow remains intact enough to permit Future Rainbow to get away with it, but I suppose that'd also mean there would exist more than one timeline and...

...gah, my brain hurts...
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Time travel amirite?
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AAAAAAAAAAnd you ended all time LOL
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Won't be funny for long.
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And then the fabric of time and space got destroyed.

You silly pony. I think you should leave the time traveling to Twilight.

Still a neat idea as always. And a comic again!

That color on the portal though. Looks really good. Ahhhhhhhhhh

I'm so jealous of your improvement.
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Dangit Rainbow Dash, not again D:

Yep, Twilight is much more adept at handling this kind of stuff.

Thanks! I'm trying to be more creative with these prompts.

I just grabbed the colors from a screenshot from the episode itself, so I guess that's why they might look nice, haha.

Ah, you've made tremendous improvement yourself. All about consistent practice and determination, right? But thanks, I appreciate it!
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I always love it when you do comics. They're always brilliant. This one is no exception. 
Rainbow learned nothing from 28 Pranks later and proceeded to accidentally destroy all of Equestria.
It's very well drawn too. You always put good work into these things. I'm surprised you had time to make this today with school and all. 
Awesome work as always!~ Keep it up! We've done great so far at keeping up with the prompts!
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Oh really? I'm glad to hear, I'm always kind of skeptical of the quality of my comics, so I appreciate it!
She learned her lesson for like 5 seconds, but then she remembered how much money her Youtube prank career made her, and immediately went back to her old ways :^)
Thanks! I really had to speedily draw this with the time I had, so I'm happy to hear that it looks alright.
I'm kind of surprised myself, but I have to thank copying and pasting, since I really only had to draw two different poses and then copy+paste them in other panels.
Thanks a lot! And yeah, good work :D
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Sam pepper
And lol I didn't even notice the copy pasting. I just thought it was good. A comic can be lazy but still awesome!
Don't be skeptical of your comics man. They're great! You'll have to teach me some of that soon. :3
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Thanks =) And I liked that Neon comic you had earlier during ATG, so I believe in your ability to make good comics.
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Ohohoho! Dash, you silly pony! You can't just prank your adorable filly self without giving her a hug as well! I mean seriously, just look at her and the way she was drawn! She is just begging to be hugged! ... Geez, filly Dash needs a break.

You drew both of them oh so adorably! Filly Dash's posture and facial expression make her especially endearing, Vanilla. Hopefully, her future self didn't scared her too too much. >.>
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Haha, yeah. C'mon Rainbow Dash, you've already gone back in time, you might as well make the most of your trip, right?

Thank you! :D
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XD Rainbow Dash did you even listen to any of Twilight's recap of Starlight Glimmer's attempt to ruin everypony's future?!?

Oh wait... Your ego about how important your rainboom was probably got in the way... :D

Great idea for a simple, yet hilarious comic, please make more like it! xD :D
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Apparently, haha.
Thank you, I appreciate it!
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You should really consider doing more small little comics like this one one time :dummy: nice job 
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Haha, thanks! Maybe I will in the future, we'll see I guess.
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