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Glimmy, The Shadow of War

Starlight as Headless Hecarim from League of Legends. I drew this idea last year, but I thought I'd have another go at it since I liked the concept.

Also, it's costume month, so I wanna try to squeeze in some fun ideas when I can. Because of this, I'm looking to go for slightly less time than fully fleshed out paintings, but longer than the quick drawings-- get a nice balance in there :^)
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It took me WAY to long to find this again, forgot to fav it XD I really wanted to show it for a friend.
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Haha, well glad you found your way back to it ^^
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ofcorse, It did however take me 1.5houer of searching both here and on google ^^"
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As a shuckle was heard through the everfree forest the group of soldiers stoped, looking around them as they quickl formed a circle, their backs towards one a other to cover all directions. As a thin fog slowly rose from the ground panic begun to show on their faces and the shuckling rose more and more. Then, all of a sudden there she was. A mane and tail of royal colours, bearing a strand of skyblue in it, her coat a pinkish-purple colour and blue eyes. Around her horn a blue vail was rresting as well as levetating a hilebard. A pumpkin lantern was levitated as well by the blue vail that was beeing conjured by the mare. There she stood in the middle of the circle the soldiers created.

"So ... what are we looking for?" a confident, playfull tone asked.
As the ponies surrounding her jumped away, turning midair and weapons getting drawn she carried a confident smirk.
"Oh my, are we going to dance?" the mare asked in the same playfull tone.
As she spoke the soldiers looked at her before swallowing nervously. Some exchanged nervous glances, others changed hoof ever so often. As she took one step forwards towards a mare with a white coat, silverlike main and tail, and a massive curved bloodred horn in her forehead.
- Step not closer, you are surrounded! the mare yelled in a nervous tone.
This made the purple mare shuckle once more.
"oh my dear little mare. You know who I am dont you?" she answered in a sweet, almost affectionate tone.
The mare nodded slowly, lowering her green eyes while her green vail of magic still held her spear towards the mare in the middle.
"Then speak my name little one." she said as she took one more step forwards.
As the mare walked forwards the white one backed away just the same distance.
- T... the soulreaper of Equestria. The mare whisperd in a low tone.

As the name was whisperd a massive storm rushed through the forest, making her clothes dance in a wild manner just like her main and tail. Yet once the wind went still it all laid to rest perfectly.
"You are right, I am the soulreaper of Equestria, the empresses have all tasked me of protecting this border from invasion. And you my foolish friends, you will all have to join those who came before you." she answered in a calm tone.
As the sentence died out a pegasus with a green pelt, black mane and tail as well as bloodred wings aproached her from behind. Without as much as batting an eye the purple mare swung the hildebard and with a sound simular to a thick, dry log breaking she clived the head of the stallion that fell to the ground, its blood covering the ground and her hooves.
"Now, let me show you the true horror of magic. Horrors that even your king Sombra and that wretched murderer you call queen does not know about." the mare said in a sharp tone.
-Dont you dare call queen Sweetie Belle a murderer or
the sentence was never finnished. On the ground the blood begun to shine bright and form into a magic circle.
"Now this is a magic older even than your king, forgotten by all but me." The purple mare smiled.

At first it was slow, almost unnoticable as slow as it was. But rather quickly it picked up its speed and soon enough ponies in all diffrent stages of decomposing got up from the blood. Their coats dripping with blood, a head missing, maby a hoof, a leg or maby their intestains dragging on the ground. Some didnt even have any meat on them. The only thing the group of ponies could do was scream as fallen comrads jumped them, tearing them to pieces, one bite after the other.

"Now, why dont you come out queen Sweetie Belle?" the mare asked as the screams finally came to an end.
Out came a white mare, her purple and pink mane covering her missing eye and ear.
- It has been a long time since one of equestrian herritage called me by that name. The white mare replied.
This made the purple one smile a bit, walking towards the queen of their enemies.
"I will not hold back, you murderd empress Rarity from the house of Bouffant. You were sentenced by empress Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow, Fluttershy and Pinkie to exile, with deathpenelty upon return." the purple mare replied.
Sweetie Belle looked at her with a bored expression.
-I mearly came to aid my citicens. Unfortunally it seems I came to late. The white one replied.
"Indeed it does." the soulreaper replied.

With a dash the white mare dashed forwards towards the purple one who just smiled.
"Now come little traitor, let me show you the true strength of my magic!"

(I might have become addicted to your gallery)
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Oo this one’s a little more dark and tense- not that it’s a bad thing or anything, I think it fits the picture quite nicely and gives it an interesting story :)
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thanks, I based it on my own au, basicly Nightmare Moon won in season 1 and enslaved most of the world, and as the uprising started yeas later(Sweetie Belle is grown at that point) many poies lost their lives but in the end they did manage to free themselves. The mane 6 turning into alicorns at this point took the title "Empresses of Equestria". However as Swetie Belle´s son got turned into stone by a curse the mare pleaded the empresses for help, but none could be given. So after returning to the caves there she was enslaved by nightmare moon and forced to dig for gemstones and valuble minerals she came about a "blood stone". These blood stones contains king Zombra in them. So after making a deal there she brings him back to life through piercing a alicorns heart with his crystal and becoming his queen as well as giving him an heir he frees her son. Wich is why Sweetie Belle is on a diffrent side.
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Very well done! The lighting on this piece is wonderful!
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:thumbsup: :clap: Nicely done!
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Oooo yessssss, this really turned out really sweet! Love Starlight in here. Though, I've only played League only once in my entire life I really love how you did this & the outfit really works well on Starlight. Love the sinister look for her toooooooooo! AND JUST the overall atmosphere within this for the expression that she has & the detail of that. I LOVE THE GLOW OF THE JACK O' LANTERN & THE DETAIL ON HER MAGIC IS SOOOO PHENOMENAL AHHHHHH. HONESTLY, I need to like get a poster or something of your art someday, that'd be the coolest thing ever!!!! Your detail is so unique & one of a kind & always love your art. LOVE HER TAIL & MANE WITH THE STRANDS AHHHHH, LOVE THAT SO MUCH. You definitely craft some natural looking ponies, which I adore every time I see art from youuuuuu! RGGUBAR ALSOOOO THAT BACKGROUND IS GREAT & DEFINITELY EERIE, WHICH I LOVE AS THE OVERALL atmosphere of this piece. Really, really, really fantastic work on thisssss!!!!!!! Love it sooo much OH & THE LIGHTING IS ASTONISHING IN HERE AS IT CREATES THAT FEELING THAT YOU'RE GOING FOR & JUST AMAZES YOU. Really love how it shows with the lighting around her head & ears that create the creepiness. but yessssss, great job on this 
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Haha, well I haven't played much league recently myself, but their artwork/outfits are always inspring to me ^^
Thank you! The atmosphere of this one was a pleasure to draw, especially with it being the SpoOoky Halloween month 8^)

Aw thanks, that really means a lot to me-- being good enough that people want to actually put my art up on the wall is a goal to strive for on my end, haha.
Really glad that you liked this one! All those different aspects were interesting to put together for it, and I'm happy that you can enjoy the result ^^
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Ah, right. You drew this idea for CAPs, didn't you? So you were under a time constrain the last time you did it. This time however, you took your time with it, and the quality definitely shows! Not that the last one you did was bad by any mean, but this time, you definitely gives Starlight and her surrounding a more menacing feel. ^^  ... I guess I'll have to think twice about blowing up her kite next time. >.>
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Yeah, you're right! I'm impressed that you remembered that :]
Exactly-- wanted to get in some more detail and all that this time.
Thank you! Though I hope you weren't planning on blowing up her kites even if she wasn't a murderous horse demon-- that's just cruel :^c
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Very impressive...
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You're very welcome.
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Dang, it seems Glim Glam is an excellent stand-in for something that appears to embody death. She's so fabulous :3
Gosh the expression, the lighting and the clothing is as always so good. Her expression is totally on point, this would be an amazing depiction for Nightmare Moon! So spooky >o<
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