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Frustration [ATG 2017 D4]

Prompt: Draw an emotional pony / Draw a pony fit to burst. 

I think all artists go through disappointment in their own work at some point or another, or as I like to call it, an "artsistential crisis" (I know I know, it's stupid, but I still find it funny). Thought that theme would be pretty fitting for the prompt, as I'm sure we're all familiar with it, though it's probably not as dramatic as this might be :^)
Here's a little song that helps me feel better in those kind of situations called "Not Perfect" by Tim Minchin.
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Aww... Poor sad Sweetie Belle! :( :thumbsup:
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Damn, you've really hit the emotions in us, maybe just as much as the poor, sad marshmallow.
This piece just makes me not sure how to feel about similar situations. I know I deal with it, but this is just so heavy T_T :huggle:
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Ohhh boy, I know exactly how this feels. And I mean, sometimes it FEELS this dramatic when you're going through it.
Very well done. I can definitely relate to this piece, and it's executed quite well. The tone is right and it's easy to tell what's supposed to be going on just by looking.
The drawing itself is good too. I like the ripped drawing :^) The lighting and shading and everything are just fantastic.
I'll never know how you're able to create masterpieces like this on such short notice. Great job friend! You are amazing!
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Yeah, those moments certainly aren't the most fun, but everything's gotta have its ups and downs I suppose.
Thanks so much, I'm glad you think so! I definitely tried my best to make a simple, yet effective picture, and it's great to hear that you like it :)
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Wonderful job with the emotion in this one. Not much needed to be said, you did a perfect job on this. <3 
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I get existential crises from time to time, too. Though, not related to art.
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Now that's awesome! 
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That is cool looking!😄
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