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FlutterDilemma [ATG 2016 D20]

Prompt: draw a pony making a decision/draw a pony waffling.

Welp, this is it for my summer vacation, back to school tomorrow :'(
I'll have significantly less time to draw because of this, so I'll have to slow down on the art a bit. Just a heads up, but it shouldn't be too bad.

(Okay Periodic, Fluttershy just fit the prompt, this isn't my fault)

EDIT: Changed title from "Hard Decision" to "FlutterDilemma" because it's much better (Credit to /u/SlayerBVC. Thanks ya!)
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hehehehe this made me roflmao.

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Wow thank you artipartyy you're my favorite youtuber!

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ahaha awww I love how Fluttershy's conscience is both angels 
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Hug the animals with one hoof and pet them with the other~
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On what angel does she now listen? Hard question.Fluttershy (sad) plz 
Pet while hugging? :3
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that's my dilemma all the time 
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angel fluttershy's are both right, PET AND HUG THE ANIMALS!!!
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Ponyhoof shared another one of your drawings :D…
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Thanks for the heads up, that's pretty cool :)
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Beyond adorable. :)
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Oooh, awesome perspective here!
Fluttershy, are you feeling okay?
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Por que no los dos?
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