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Diamond! [CAPs D11]

MLPDS CAPs: 11th October 16, Day 11: Minerals
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Mama RarityHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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*cough* *cough* best pony...
Oh so good shading ;_;
and those eyes! Love them!
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Rarity is pretty great, but I dunno, best pony might be pushing it :^)
Thank you!
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Diamonds Diamonds Diamonds!
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Awww, kawaii Rarity :3
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Okay first glance, loving the shading and overall look. Super awesome! Way better than anything I can draw!

Here's what I would change if I drew this image

You can look at it side by side your original drawing to see the differences…
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Thanks! :D

That picture is super helpful actually, I appreciate it a lot! Thanks for putting the time into making it ^^
And honestly, your version looks like twice as good, haha. Those changes definitely made a huge difference.
A lot of these things I don't notice can be improved until I see a better version of it-- visuals are always nice.
The cheek and mouth especially, I like the style on those. And on the bottom half, looks great. I'll definitely keep these in mind next time.
Thanks again!
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Oooh! Glad it could help you out! I saw a lot of potential in your drawing. It just needed a few tweaks to really make it shine. By your current drawings I can tell you're going to be an amazing artist!
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