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Defeat [CAPs D1]

MLPDS CAPs: 1st October 16, Draw your OC/Sona doing [topic of your choice]
(I don't have an OC/Sona, but I do use a hooded Sweetie Belle to relate to something of that sort, so hopefully this counts.)

ᵗᶠʷ ˢᵗᵘᶜᵏ ᶦᶰ ᵇʳᵒᶰᶻᵉ
Oh boy, another 30 day art challenge-- right after ATG too. I actually was looking forward to having a break from drawing daily prompts after ATG was finished, and just being able to draw my own stuff, but then this popped up. Figured I could use it to get better at some of the things I'm less familiar with, and try out some new styles/get better at backgrounds/plenty of other stuff. Should be fun :^D
Though, with school going on and all, I'll just do the days that I can rather than all of them.

Went for an overhead view on this, always good to get some practice on this kind of stuff.

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'ts always great to work on different perspectives. I've started one myself too. Though it'll look abit weird since it's something I didn't practice much in.
Anyway, You did pretty good yo!

Heh, I guess this can show much about how Sweetiebelle deals with defeat as suggested in the title. Can't handle a loss well, Especially if it's something you're good at.
Neat shading by the way. Got the light source right and doin' pretty good on the expressions.