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Been a while since I've drawn a full Rainbow Dash picture so I had to check her off the list. Gotta get applejack some time as well, then I should be pretty set.

Wasn't sure how this one would turn out honestly. I'm not used to this kind of pose, or being up close and personal with the wings, but I think it went fine. 

EDIT: Straightened the front legs a bit.
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Greetings. I recieved a membership submission on my group. They posted a duplicate of this image on their page.(Link: Dashstorm). I told them to remove it or they would be banned from joining my group. However, you may want to follow up with them.
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Thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it!
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No problem. Looks like they removed it. ^_^
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Perfect! I've printed it, thanks /)
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"No, you can not fly in this storm."
-why not? You taught me! You are the best flyer in Equestrias history. If your protige cant fly in this storm then who can?!
"None! Not even empress Luna or Celestia can fly in this storm."

Stunned the pegasi looked at Rainbow Dash before staring up at the raging storm.

-But why? I do not understand ...
"This storm is not one we have ever seen in Equestria before. It is both magical and yet something so foreign to this world that it holds no magic at the same time."
- ... so ... who will clear it?
"Me, I will clear the skies my little one."
-But you sai
"I know, just tell my family that I love them and that I will be awaiting amongst the stars for them."

With that Rainbow dash spread her wings, forcing herself into the raging storm, and the last time anyone even hinted at her still beeing alive was when a rainbow spread across the lands.

(This is what i thought about when I saw the pic :D )
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Haha, well it's really impressive how you can form a story just from a picture- good stuff! :)
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well that is due to the fact that the image is amazing :) Well done my dear :)
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Thanks, I’m glad you think so! :)
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Well I am just saying it as I see it :D

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Awesome work! I love how you did the wings!
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Thank you, I'm glad to hear! ^^
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Super epic Rainbow Dash VanillaGhosties :)
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Nice details on each of her feathers.
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Awesome colors on this.  Man, the hair and the lighting work so well together!
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Thank you, I'm glad you think so!
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Beautiful picture *.*
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