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Daring Did

For the upcoming fanfic Daring Did: Tales of an Adventurer's Companion by Seriff-Pilcrow. It's used for the theme by The L-Train, which is quite awesome!
Check out the audiobook teaser for the story here, it's definitely worth a listen!

So this is what I was working on during the two weeks between ATG and CAPs. Definitely took a lot of effort, especially on the background, but I'm mostly happy with it! I feel like Twilight Velvet could use some adjustments, but ah well, haha.
I was really excited when I got the message asking if I might be interested in making this, so thanks for giving me a shot at it Seriff and L-Train, I hope you guys like it :D
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This is a cover art for a fanfic? It looks well done!
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Hey there! I just want to drop by and say thanks for the art. Both my co-author and the L-Train say it's fantastic! :)

I'll let you if any other Daring Did things that'll come up, if that's fine with you. The next thing I plan to release is another audiobook teaser, but someone else is already in charge of the art for that, so there's no need for you to worry!
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No problem, thanks for asking me to do it!

Sure thing, looking forward to it :)
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I have missed the old theories that Twilight Velvet was the author of Daring Do.
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That's actually one of the things I'm trying to "revive" in Daring Did.

In the fanfic series, Twilight Velvet is the co-author of the Daring Do series along with A. K. Yearling. Velvet requested to be uncredited to make sure Daring's enemies couldn't trace the books toward her family.
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Oh my gosh, the background is so good (you colored the trees and foliage so well!) Of course the ponies are great too, especially that hoodie you always rock at detailing ^^
Overall great piece for a title card--in two weeks no less!? And it's awesome you worked with these people.
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Thank you, I appreciate the feedback!
Backgrounds sure aren't the easiest, but I'm making progress at getting better with them :)
Yeah, I was certainly excited about it, haha.
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Yay! Bookworm adventures!!!
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great job on the shading!

oh wow, and especially the background!
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Thank you so much!
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Wow, you've really been improving recently! I'm looking forward to see what's in store next Meow :3 
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Thank you, I appreciate it a lot! Doing my best to keep getting better :)
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Pretty amazing!
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