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Commander Hurricane [ATG 2016 D26]

Prompt: drawing a pony in command/drawing a pony filled with confidence.

Got kinda lazy near the end, so shading is a bit rushed :S

Okay, so I had to reupload this because I'm a total idiot. Quick story:
When I decided I was going to draw Commander Hurricane, I looked up a reference picture of her on Google Images (As I always do) and used one of the first pictures that came up. I just assumed it was from the show, but it totally wasn't. In it, she was next to a flag with a symbol on it, which I somehow didn't recognize as the transgender symbol. So I ended up drawing that on the flag and posting it, and finding out my mistake half an hour later through Derpibooru. Apparently, the reference picture I used was from a fimfiction writing about "The Gender Identity of Commander Hurricane". How about that? :^)
So apologies for that whole thing. But still, here's the original picture in my stash, if you want to laugh about that whole mix up-- I certainly am. And I didn't keep the submitter link for when I first submitted it to ATG, so it'll be there in the gallery.
Now, all this being said, I don't have anything against transgender people, or anyone of the sort. I took it down because it was totally unintentional, and had nothing to do with the drawing. I don't get caught up in the subject, because it's really none of my business.
Mostly the situation was just really funny to me though, not a big deal in any regards.
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sometimes you just gotta have a laff :D
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Ooh, Now this one is pretty well done. 'dem clouds yo. Things I'd probably say are the best in this is the clouds and just the mood you have set in the background. Love the Hair also. Certainly got the confidence down on this one. The Banner is pretty Great too. Maybe alittle too stiff but Heck, Some banners are like that. Even that little needle at the top has some neat shading too.

Alright, Now the things I'd suggest working on is pretty much the consistent with the reflections of the armor, At first it mostly looks like the armor is flat with layerings over it. but having an Idea where each curve and angle of reflection would probably be Greatest. But yeah, that's mostly the downfall of some Artists when they draw for so long. They lose patience and rush it. What I'd suggest for that is to take a short break Grab a snack, listen to music and Jump back into it.

Now I see where you're getting at with the Transgender symbol. Wouldn't wanna cause an uproar in your little community if you make something that supports something that some may not agree with, I wouldn't mind about that. But the thing that got to me was that You got after yourself for something pretty minor. Even if you did leave the original, and didn't know, I wouldn't go as far as calling myself stupid so many times. That's not the greatest way to deal with that yo.
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Heh, thanks! Doing my best with trying to make improve my backgrounds, and I'm glad you liked those other features as well.

Yeah, I definitely could've done a better job on the armor lighting especially. Thanks for your help with that :]
Actually, I usually do take breaks when I feel that way, and it helps, but in this case I was just kinda tired and wanted to do something more relaxing.

Mm, mostly it just had nothing to do with anything, and I certainly don't get myself involved in those debates and all that. And even if I did have an opinion that supported it, I'm not gonna try to push my opinion on others through my artwork and such, haha.
I totally agree with you, and I guess I didn't do a very good job of explaining it the way I intended to-- I never really was mad at myself, as I mostly just found the whole situation really funny, just since it was such a strange mistake to make. Description of it was meant to have a more lighthearted feel to it, so those self-critical comments were mostly just poking light fun of myself, rather than intention of being interpreted entirely literally.
I've realized that beating up on yourself for something isn't really the way to go about mistakes, so it's much better to just move on since there's nothing you can really do to change what's already happened.
Thanks for your concern though, I appreciate ya looking out for me and pointing that out.
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Yepyep, Keep it up with those backgrounds. 'ts very nicely done.

Yeah, But I wouldn't worry too much because it's not often you work on armor. But always imagining it as a 3-D piece, An Example would be my Havoc Drawing, Look at the gauntlets and the Helmet. You can see where the armor angles and curves.
Mm, I see. Makes sense. There's several I gotta finish color but I've never gotten back into it. Ah dunno. 'ts probably just me losing interest in that drawing, Though it's a nice entry.

'ts pretty difficult in trying to please everyone. So you pretty much just stay neutral and stay out of it. But if someone does try to push for it, I'd just try to avoid the question alltogether. But that's just me.
Anyway, the only things I'd do to put myself down or beat myself up is if I don't get the results I was hoping for, I force myself to get those results or push myself to achieve those goals. Saying that It's so Simple, I can get this. when I really can't. I rarely do it, but when it does. It's...Painful to watch according to some that witnessed it.
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Sounds good! :)

Ah yeah, I see what you're saying, your piece is a great example of that.
Aw, I know how that goes, happens every once in a while with me too. That's why I like to try to make sure that I finish each piece, before I lose the motivation to continue working everything out on it.

Exactly, I feel the same way about it.
Well having a strong self discipline like that to reach a goal can be helpful, because often failures provide the most motivation to get better. Although yeah, it's good to be strict with yourself, but also forgiving, because things won't always go your way, and that's just something that happens.
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Just gotta be patient with yourself yo. It all starts with you.

I know I can do better, I just have to keep moving forward. But the thing is, I can't be so forgiving if I want to improve. I know what I did right, now I just gotta fix what I did wrong, and that is the hard part 'cause I don't know how to fix said problem on my own.
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Yep, that's how it goes.

That makes sense, and it is definitely helpful for getting better-- I try and do that as well, but at the same time I think it's beneficial to have at least a bit of lenience-- but it's all dependent on the person. As long as it helps push them in a positive direction, whatever they do is up to them.
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Yeah, I wonder how it'll be to have a mentor or someone to teach you things, One on One.
But it's good to just motivate yourself and to keep going on your path.
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I'm sure that'd be a whole lot of help, haha.
And yeah, definitely.
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I dunno, I kinda liked the trans flag on it tbh. >_>  <_<

Still a good piece though.
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I have to admit that I confused it for the pansexual symbol (they look strikingly similar). Still, nice job with this piece. :D Though the flag could use a symbol some sort. 
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Ah, yeah, they seem to have a similar look/feel to them.
Thanks! And I totally agree with you, but by the time I found out it was already getting pretty late, so I didn't have time to draw up a new design for it :P
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Oh well. Still a great piece. :)
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Don't be hard on yourself over that, Vanilla. =/ Though, if you intend to remove the original from the ATG gallery, perhaps try e-mailing Calpain directly? He should be able to remove it for you. 

Ah, but yes, this is one impressive Commander Hurricane you have here. The wind blowing in her mane, that confident pose, and that determined gaze... All this just to get a hug from you! 
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Ah, don't worry I'm not, I just find it funny how I made that mistake. Even now I still find it pretty humorous. Thanks though :]
Yeah, I probably could've done that, but didn't think of that at the time-- bit late for that now I suppose, heh.

Mission for hugs, I like it! That'd be pretty adorable.
Thanks again!
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