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Buckball Star

Ah man, I loved Pinkie's look in that episode~

Well this was certainly an interesting one to make-- I hadn't planned to go for the tilted look on the field, but I like how that turned out.
Also, I've been in a bit of a Pinkie mood since ATG, and I've been waiting to make a fully detailed picture of her ever since, so finally being able to do so was great for me ^^

On another note, school started again just recently for me, so unfortunately that means my art will be slowed down. While I might not nearly have as much time to draw as I did over the summer, I'll definitely still be making stuff, just at a slower pace and all. You know how it goes~
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Oh. This is very good O_O
I love the energy!
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Thank you, I'm glad to hear!
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Music She's MY Pinkie Pie Cute Little Pony Such Sweet Surprise.Music She's So Funny Make you Laugh Tell you Cry Sweet  Pinkie PieMusic  just a little song limerick i came up with.

J A Green
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That's a nice little tune, I like it! :)
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That looks amazing!
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Awesome work. I love the dynamism you put into this piece.
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Thank you, and I'm glad to hear!
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My pleasure. A lot of MLP fanart is static. So, I'm happy to see dynamic pieces time to time.

She was so adorable with that uniform.
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Sports for best Ponk horse! 
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Gosh, nice ponk mane, how does she keep it so well doing them sports?
Someone needs to do some animations of buckball; with dynamic poses like this, it would be pretty cool. :D
Good luck with the school, it's always an interesting transition to figure out a new balance. You've certainly got the work ethic since ATG ^w^ <3
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Ah, well I'm sure Pinkie is very controlling of her mane at all times :^)
Yeah, that'd be great-- definitely an interesting idea~
Thank you! And it certainly is-- but hopefully everything will work out once I get back into the swing of things.
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Great art, this was one of best Pinkie look.
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Thank you! And I think so too~
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