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Birthday Girl


Happy Birthday SpindleSpice ! Hope it's a good one, and I hope you like this little Tempith picture :^)
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Is there something wrong with the resolution?

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Fizzlepop Berrytwist  best tsundere addition to the cast .
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Tempest's scar is actually over her right eye, not her left.  Love the picture though. X3
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"My scar is not on the wrong side!!!"
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Ahh yeah, my mistake =P
Thank you!
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For my birthday I want to make out with somepony.
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Laugh..... and she will burn ur face off :|
~ yet you have to admit, this cute hat does look li-ZAP!
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Sure you aren't lassie, sure you aren't.
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:iconpinkiepiesmileplz: (moves the party hat so that it's actually covering the horn nub) "How about now?"
:icondashwhutplz: "Uh, Pinkie, I don't think that's a good idea..."
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I really love this a lot!!! Always love your concepts & OMG, THE LITTLE CUPCAKE THAT TEMPEST HAS IS SUPER PRECIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. And her mane with that detail is truly fun! You always, always do a fantastic job on detail regarding your art! The coloring & shading is flawless with the depth that you bring along with that and the look that she has in her eyes is well executed. Her expressions are perfect & the little glint is perfect with the different of coloring for her eyeshadow too. LOVE IT A LOT
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Thank you, I'm happy to hear that! ^^
Yes, cupcakes are a party essential! And her mane is definitely an interesting one- was fun to work with.
Aw thanks, I've always had a large emphasis on improving my coloring, so thankfully it shows- I wanna be even better soon though ;^)
I'm impressed that you noticed those smaller details, they can definitely add a lot to a piece so it's good to have an eye for that kind of stuff!
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The horn should be higher i think ... - also hidden under the Paperhat :)
THAT.... oh that been so good... like Derpy, playing to have a horn for a couple mines... (which in this case, would be a howl new level ^^")
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Me on every party 
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Awww the poor thing p3p Why do you subject her to this, she can't take the cupcakes and balloons anymore.
Ahhhh, what an adorable Tempest you've drawn. Her eyes and little hoovsies really tie the party accessories to her hardcore character so well.
Such a lovely gift for Spindle, it's truly a beautiful piece on its own, but really touches on her exquisite tastes in a cute character. Well done!
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