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Beach Day

shimer, susnet
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Best Pony. ^_^:heart:

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You just want me to fall even more in love with Shimmy, don't you? Well, guess what...mission accomplished. :love: This would make a great scene or even cover art for a beach escape story I'm planning about Sunset. And I just love her as a unicorn. Thank you for all of these great Shimmy pics! :D

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Shimmy best pony :^)
Thank you!
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Damn that's too cute I think I just hnnnnnnnng----
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Uffff... Calor de la primavera aqui en México..  X"D
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I found you on youtube!
this is the best day of my life!
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Haha, best day of your life sounds a bit extreme. How about a slightly happier day than average? (:
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MUCH MORE happier day, then X)
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Summer is coming.

We can feel it in the air. It's cold, okay, but it's coming


I hope.

Damn you snow, ice and Winter!

Awesome work. BTW, what would be the very first thing you would tell her if you ever meet her?
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Just a few more months (:

Thanks, cajobif! I’d probably tell her that I like how her mane looks like it’s made from ketchup and mustard paste. And she’d probably get offended or dismiss me as a crazy person. Either way a good start.
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Well, better than "Your mane looks like bacon and would love to devour it."

Why not "you are so pretty and have beautiful eyes" instead? Bah. Don't mind me.
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So adorable just like her <3 Perfect artwork.
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Thanks a lot, Chile! I appreciate it <3
Sunset enjoying the warm weather and beach and air.
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Hi, can I have your permission to post this on my tumblr?

I will credit you and there will be a link to this page.

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Sure thing, thanks for asking!
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This is incredibly well drawn! You've become such an amazing artist!
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Thanks a bunch, Spear, I appreciate the kind words a lot! ^^
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Wow, she is just so cute!  Sunset is, of course, the best, and you are pretty much the best artist to draw her!  Putting her in the shade was a cool idea since it makes some of her green eyes and some of her mane really pop!  Thanks for the great art :)
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