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A Neon-tastic Birthday

Pinkie Pie #2 Happy Birthday PonyByteSketches
Thank you for being an awesome friend for all this time, it's been great to know you. Hope you have a happy and blessed birthday with lots of cake and dragons a̶n̶d̶ ̶p̶i̶z̶z̶a̶ :^>
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*Sniff* I want a pony for my Birthday...
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I know how you feel :(
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"Can I have a pony for my birthday?"

Well, yes, but why don't you just have some cake like everyone else to keep everybody from freaking out
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Pony in a cake! BEST CAKE EVER!!!
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Definitely. Neon cakes are especially good. ;D
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Aww, so awesome! >w< He's so good as a cake topper!
You did such a nice job. Far better than what I could have done XD
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He sure is ^^
Wait, better than what you could have done? But you did do one. And it is better. Something's not adding up here :^]
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o3o Bwut is ownwee a skwetch!
You've got so much more attention to details :3 <333
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More than one cute pony > One cute pony
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Hush, don't you say that. Yours is amazing too! <3
And neon is quite an adorable cake topper isn't he?
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This one is still awesome :I
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Oh for sure. I love this picture a ton! But I love yours too, so you gotta give yourself some credit. ;D
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PonyByteSketches, Happy Birthday! :)

VanillaGhosties, awesome and adorable art, man! :)
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Haha thank you! I appreciate it!
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Happy Birthday PonyByteSketches!
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Heyy! Thank you so much! I appreciate it!
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:'D dude, thank you. Thank you so much.! This is amazing. I can't believe you took the time to make this for me even though I haven't even had the time to comment on any of your art for quite some time.
You're an amazing friend. The picture is so cute too! Neon is adorable! Your art has just been steadily improving. I'm sorry for not being here to comment along the way.
I love it so much! Aghhh thank youuuu!! Today is already off to a wonderful start thanks to you. Thank you!
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Ayy, glad you like it! And that's no problem, you're not obligated to comment on my stuff, and I know it can be tedious to clear out notifications, haha.
Thanks for being an amazing friend for me as well! Hopefully we can talk and play more vidya games soon, though school gets pretty busy for both of us I'm sure. Just gotta wait for those breaks to roll around :^p
Anyways, glad I could help, and have a great birthday!
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