In memorial of the Nanking Massacre
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this WILL be a rant and if you're not up to it then DON'T  READ  THIS.…

300,000 spirits shall never rest as long as there are japanese historians and politicians still denying the existence of such a disaster. People ask why the Chinese are having a hard time moving on, they like to point to Europe and say, look how we moved on with Germany.

But in the holocaust museums, do they have scriptures speaking FOR the German actions as the Japanese so proudly display in their WWII museum?

Does the Japanese take their children to the massacre sites and teach them that what occured there was wrong, like the Germans do with their youth?

We cannot move on, for we had not yet received the same kind of treatment as the rest of the world had given to holocaust victims.

300,000 souls will not sleep tonight.


other events:

Canada backed out of Kyoto Protocol O_O I have always thought it true that Kyoto cannot work because the US did not sign on. (Strangely enough, today on CNN, there was an article about this where it claims that the Canadian side claims that it cannot work because china and the US did not sign on...well leave it to Crappy National News to screw THAT up -_-  China DID sign on, AND, in the years up to now, had become the world's largest producer of wind electricity). also on this issue, Durban climate meet, total scam. Same old crap they toss out, ignoring the progress China made in clean energy in the past few decades and the tons of pollution in the air that accumulated from their own industrial years. GREAT. Let the guy who joined at the end of the meal pay equal shares, dude, we haven't even really started eating yet.

As to the South Korean cop getting stabbed...i'm a little doubtful that their well trained coat guard was killed by an uneducated fishermen with glass shards...but if that is in fact what had happened, then the it is a serious crime for which the fishermen should be severely punished for, but not by the South Korean authorities. (As much as I think so, I don't think there's an extradition treaty between Korea and China, so...tough luck. But it also means if China catches korean ships on controversial waters, we have full rights to board them and take them into custody.)

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I pray the Nanking Massacre will one day be known as widely as the holocaust.
The Japanese denial is what makes me think that the US is somewhat better-no country does not have black spot in history-ours would probably the persecution of Indians-but at least we openly admit what happened, we don't cover it up!
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I have long thought that the Rape of Nanking was a travesty and although I like booth Japanese and Chinese cultures (though I'm african american), I have thought that for Japan to not even acknowledge that 1, it was a war with no clear goal, 2, the the sheer magnitude of people that were killed was what it was (300,000 i believe) and 3, that in NO war is the rape of innocent women and children and the killing of unarmed elderly and innocents is ever acceptable in ANY way.

I think it is a black spot on Japanese history, DEFINITELY not one that should be celebrated, and I agree, it should be looked back on by the japanese with shame and with disgust. I think it is also something that the WHOLE WORLD needs to address and push the Japanese people to accept

Unfortunately, I don't think that will ever be the case, and unfortunately, Nanking isn't the only event in which this has happened; look at the Armenian Genocide or even Darfur, we're just now hearing about Darfur but the magnitude of death there is FAR MORE, than CNN or any news entity is reporting, I don't care WHAT people say.

All we can do my friends is pray that the Lord almighty will come soon and bring peace with the arrival of Christ his son. Pray for peace my friend.
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I understand your sentiments, I truly do; I just learned about Nanjing/Nanking yesterday in my Asian History class, as well as modern Japanese denial. I hope you won't take this the wrong way, thoguh, but Japanese denial is not unique; there are similar denials of massacres in Europe (hell, in any place where there are people) as well. Many Turks deny what they had done to the Armenians, and there are still Holocaust deniers in this world. Let's face it, no nation is entirely innocent of similar denials. And to those who point to Germany as an example of "moving on", they're wrong too. Unfortunately, Germany will be likely be remembered for a very long time as a Jew-hating nation, no matter how much they try to make things right; true forgiveness of Germany won't start to come until everyone who was alive during WWII is dead. Humans try to put out of their minds what they've done wrong, with varying coping mechanisms. It can be denial, or it can be apologizing until their throats bleed. Neither really work. That's human nature for you.