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Perfect Cherry Puns

Yo, it's a series now!
featuring puns from the PCB cast.

next stop: Imperishable Puns
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who ya gonna call?
LL3-Meimu's avatar
You didn't stand a ghost of a chance!
aleshakos's avatar
Lol! Nice puns!
JaphethStuff's avatar
These puns are perfect
PopulousMaster's avatar
I just knew this was coming. 
Sans chat icon :iconsaysplz: Hey, no sweat kid. At least you didn't *blossom* too late.
Enderking152's avatar
I'm hyped for Undefined Fantastic Puns
AlyKuro's avatar
It's Lyrica on drugs again?
Vanilla-Nishiki's avatar
RandomNumbers5902672's avatar
Yukari always the sneaky one.
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I like the Lyric-abound start! Nice to see you're Chenneling the potential and you're not Margavoiding it. With these puns a-bladezing, I've definitely turned a Lily shade of White from intense chuckling, and thankfully I didn't turn as White as a rock from the violince this game throws at you bullet wise.

Also, Ms. Saigyouji phrase rings true! I'd say it was well Yuyukoordinated truth, and hey, if Ran has no ideas for a pun she could always look inside the 10-ton cardboard fox for something to help since that is such a hit box with Ms. Yakumo.

I've reached a new low for sure.
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And once again, this has been Diz, your resident Pungeon Master! :iconclappingplz:
DeityDiz93's avatar
You're likely to see me again in the Imperishable Puns comic that's coming up next! Also, I read that as Pigeon Master.
Vanilla-Nishiki's avatar
omg, plz. xDDDDDDDDD
DeityDiz93's avatar
It's quite fun making these about Touhou 7: Punfect Cherry Blossom, is it not?
Vanilla-Nishiki's avatar
Why, yes. It's cherry fun.
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Godammit Letty, xD
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