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Status: Closed 
Will resume by May 2019 !

I Do:
  • Anime/Manga-styled work
  • Original Characters
  • Adopted Designs
  • Avatars
  • Females > Males
  • Kemonomimis
  • Real-Life People 

I Won't Do:

  • Fanarts
  • Furries/Anthro
  • Ponies, Sonic, Etc.
  • Mecha
  • Backgrounds **Except for portrait commissions!
  • NSFW (Mature, extreme gore) ** mild gore like splatters of blood is okay 
  • Couple Art 

Items + Prices: (USD / DA Points)

>> $1 = 100 DA points <<

Chibis = $10 (1000 :points: points)

Chibi Style A

Saccharine by vanileiiFancy Cat by vanileii
  • Thick black lineart, some of the lineart will be coloured.
  • No (or minimal) use of blending / airbrush.

Chibi Style B


Thigh-ups = $30 (3000 :points: points)

C: E-Ende by vanileii
  • You will receive a 2 versions of your commission: w/ white background and w/ a transparent background.
  • Simple additions to the background may be added. (e.g lace pattern, gradient, clouds, etc...)

Detailed Portraits = $25 (2500 :points: points)

Smoke by vanileii  Smile by vanileii  11.11 by vanileii  A Year with You by vanileii
  • Comes with a simple coloured background (May add simple patterns like the first two samples)
  • Comes in .png form and in A6 size (300 DPI)

Order Form: (please send a note!)

Username: (your username here)
Paypal E-mail: (if available)
Character Name: (your character's name here)
Style: (e.g. headshot x2)
References: (clear good detailed images please)
Additional Notes: (extra character details here: bio, likes & dislikes, etc; pose/facial expression you would like to have if possible) 

Slots: (up to 2 orders per person)


Extra Notes:

  • Payments will be done in whole (in terms of USD payments) once I've confirmed it to you.
  • This is not on a first come, first served basis. I have the right to refuse your request if I believe I cannot do it. Please do not be offended and I'm sorry in advance. 
  • WIPs will be sent for confirmation. 
  • Feel free to contact me anytime (via notes) in regards to your commission, such as asking for progress.
  • Please do not resell my work! My commissions are only for personal use. if you are the commissioner, you are free to use it as an icon, banner or the likes but with proper credit please. 

Any questions regarding my commissions, feel free to comment down below or include it in your note! ^^
bakagummi Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2019
No icons ? ;w;
vanileii Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have yet to update my commission info as I am still preparing samples for the re-opening. I don't do pixel icons anymore but I'll consider having cellshade chibi icons as an option :) 

Thank you for having interest by the way !
LoveElfEars Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017
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