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My Magic Bean Stalk

as my artistic journey, start from drawing something simple as a kid. from bottom. grew up like a magic bean stalks
i keep art as my tools to reflection my dream, and an escape
there's bumpy and thorny roads, but i enjoy the journey itself as an art. sometimes the thorn is a way to help me climb up to next level
the goal is set to somewhere, not really sure where the bean stalk leads to. but i keep climbing, and believe that it leads to something great up there
during the journey, there's always a hands that help and support me to keep climbing until today.
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love towers. they are so elegant.
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Great Artwork! Featured on my YouTube channel:…
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" Climb Aboard and let's Seek Out "
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A great concept and very well done! it's definitely one of my favs out of the 50 semifinalist entries <3
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Thank you :D  so nice of you!
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:) You're welcome
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great jobs :)
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LOL! Oh noesss! Hahaha..
Thank you! :happybounce:  
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Congrats! This is one of my favorite entries. You deserved it! 
Enjoy your prizes! :D
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Thanks to put it into 1 of your faves!!mI am a dummy! 
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You deserved it! :D
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selamat ya...
masuk semi final.....
salam kenal....
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selamat juga mas'e sama2 masuk semi final :D good luck ya buat berikutnya!
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selamat masuk semi finalis ya mbak
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Makasih bro raadits :) 
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Congrats! My idea was very much like this, but I never got around to finishing my submission lol. Beautiful work!!
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thank you :) should try to finish your idea next time :D bet that will be something great!
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Wow congrats :D This is my fave :D
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thank you, such an honour to be ur fave piece! :glomp:
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Congratulations on being a semifinalist!
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thank you Lyhli :la:
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Congratulations and good luck!
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