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love is what

it's a sentiment i can agree with myself.

EDIT: maybe her logic here could use a wee bit more explanation, hehe...

the analogy is based on the idea of emotions compared to a color wheel. rather than an opposite/complimentary color (i.e. red and green) she's comparing love and hate to colors very close to one another. Not the same, per se, but powered by the same passions. the true opposite would be total disinterest.
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The one on the left is a string along bitch!
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and the difference between snoo snoo and murder
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Love and hate equals red and orange? So the difference being, yellow, like Yellow-belly, meaning fear.....makes sense, very clever.
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Baby don't hurt me!
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A complicated emotional process bolstered by biological imperatives and hormonal fluctuations that resists simple description. In other words, a whole heck of a lot of trouble that people are drawn to anyway :P
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I love the theory that the true opposite of love isn't hate, it's apathy. :3 I think you can hate everything about a person, but still show them true love - unconditional love, caring about them despite what they throw at you. You don't have to have similar interests or hear bells and whistles to love someone. <3
Crap! A semantics topic, my Kryptonite!

Are love and hate similar?

Love almost always denotes a lack of something, when you love someone or something you can't get enough of them/it. Hate on the other hand would seem to be the exact opposite. Even a little of something you hate is too much. One might conclude, reasonably, from these observations that they are, functionally, opposites divided by varying degrees of intensity and indifference.

So what then do they have in common? Can they have anything in common? Well they are both emotions that tend to manifest very strongly. And they both have to do with ties to an object. It can be said for both that your capacity to love or hate a thing is proportional to your familiarity with it. It is also worth noting the proximity these feelings can have when they occur naturally, divorce and Stockholm Syndrome for example.

Since it goes without saying that feelings can change, How do love and hate change? Gradually? Is there a transitory state between love and hate? Could be. Can it happen all of a sudden? Betrayal can change love to hate in a heartbeat. Love, trust, and vulnerability all go hand in hand after all. The stronger the love the greater the sense of betrayal and loss. Hate does not seem to have a similar property. Typically hate coincides with a sense of guardedness and rigidity. People are not so quick to abandon their hatred. It can change though, but there does not seem to be a 1 to 1 correlation as to how it changes.

There are surely other things to contrast, but this is my slant: love and hate are just different shades of passion. Passion, appropriately enough, is derived from an old Latin word that means "to suffer." It puts a lot of things about love and hate in perspective if you think of both of them as being forms of suffering. Also vindicates all those darn Buddhists, what with their recursion of opposites and their "Noble Truths" and all that Jazz.
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That about sums it up. No more need be said.


Just kidding! I think I agree with you on the shared point of "passion"; Passion is what drives our most extreme emotions (and, by extension, our most extreme acts, for better or worse).

So passion is the X factor to these things. I love pizza, but when i say "love" in that context it's a dispassionate sort of attachment, more akin to "like", which is the more properly used term. I don't "love" pizza enough to pioneer new recipes, open a chain of restaurants, or doggedly pursue a pizza-centric diet. Likewise, I "hate" beets, but again, it's a mere distaste, not a zealous and consuming hatred that causes me to seek their destruction or malign people who like them.

If you truly hate something, I think it occupies (in an inverted way) the same parts of you that might otherwise drive you to act beyond your normal capacity in the same way that love does. Love causes you to give more attention and effort than "like"; in the same way that hate drives you to actions beyond merely disliking something.

Which is all a long way of saying that Gogo's argument in the comic isn't entirely sound, but when you add "passion" as the oxidizing agent then the two emotions have considerably more in common.
But ultimately the question remains: does having experience with hate translate to expertise in love?
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That's a good question. One would think it's easier to transition from love to hate rather than the other way around.
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red and orange. i see what you did there :iconigetitplz:
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It would give weight to the tremendous sexual tension between Lex Luthor and Superman, as well as The Joker and Batman.
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By randomly flipping through deviantart, I have found your gallery.

And now I'm trapped.

I hope you are happy.
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That is so true... at least sometimes.
And I actually got a bit of what Gogo meant, which I find really cool because usually stuff like that goes right over my head.
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Yellow? Isn't that the difference? ;P
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really nice point of view! :)
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Yep. Your stuff is really weird. probably why I like it. 8D
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the opposite of love isn't hate, it's apathy. :P
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totally agreed.... very deep in a nonchalant kind of way (Y)
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gogo looks good here... strong, but not too much.
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The emotion opposite love is often said to be fear.
Indifference is more of a lack of emotion, like gray, white, or black, sitting in the middle of the color wheel, or not existing there at all.
I don't know the opposite of hate, but I'm going to say greed. Huh.
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