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Published: September 3, 2014
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in Andy's defense, it was a REALLY stubborn jar of pickles.

buck up, buttercup.

enjoy :salute:
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Anyone ever see Kim Possible? Andy shouldn't feel too bad... Drakken ended up building a death laser to open his pickle jar and it wasn't enough.

Until his Gogo, by the name of Shego, walked in and opened it for him.

"Yes well... Hmph... You only opened it because I loosened it for you!!"

"Whatever, Dr D."

I get the same vibes. 
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What I never got about the "pickle jar" question was why anyone would ever *want* to open a jar of pickles.  That lid is the only thing between the soggy demon fruit and your soul.
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skin2279Hobbyist Digital Artist
Me, I'm more likely to use a tool for that, rather than brute force.

What gender does that make me?
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One time, I watched my family struggle with a jar. My mom couldn't get it open so she passed it to my older brother, who is probably the physically the strongest in the family, when he couldn't get it open, my dad goes next and just opens it, much to everyone's surprise after watching my young adult brother struggle to open it and then my middle-aged father nearing his 50's open it in a second.
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Ah, yes. The Dread Pickle Jar. Though one might believe its true strength lies in its ability of being notoriously difficult open, its true power is brooking discussion on extremely relevant and ultimately timeless philosophical topics.
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Yeah, those jars can be a real pill.
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AJKatonHobbyist General Artist
Pickle Jars. We've had confrontations in the past.
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MasumiAmayaHobbyist General Artist
I am with Andy on this one,jar of pickles are hard to open.
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TheAntsaBoy94Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Masculine things are still masculine and feminine things feminine regardless the person. It's impossible to be 100% of either, so we shouldn't be all strict about it, but we must not ignore the fact there ultimately are only two genders, either. That's how human beings are meant to function!

As for the "in-betweens", that may confuse things up, they're results of unfortunate (genetic) circumstances in which this normal function couldn't be formed. It is unfortunate, but nothing we haven't seen before (in other aspects of human mind and body).

That said, we should nor need not to accept that as a normal. We have two biological extremes, that, with a natural balance, creates normal individuals. That balance is what has brought us this far as a species!

Let it be stated, that the value of a human being does not rest in how normal he or she is. So to sum this up: no amount of abnormalities can change what is normal; it is completely irrelevant for my role as a normal man how other human beings may turn out to be. It goes without saying, that we should still treat those "abnormal" people with the same respect and love as anyone else, but also accept the fact they're not normal and thus cannot fulfil those roles, whatever in a society or relationships, that relies on this natural balance.
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katbanHobbyist Writer
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GraceleenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow I understand Geek....
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TursyProfessional General Artist
May God had mercy of that jar.
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plowjackHobbyist General Artist
The single smartest comment on gender I've seen in a while.
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Oh that's fucked up!
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EVOUniverseProfessional Writer
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Masculinity does not refer to a trait that a male is supposed to have, but rather that most rugged men are traditionally known for having. The same can be said for femininity and woman. Doesn't mean a man won't have feminine traits or a woman won't have some masculinity. After all, you can get windows to work on a mac, but that doesn't mean you expect all macs to have them. If a mac does have windows, it behaves more like a PC despite being a mac. Expectations are often formed from experiences, so naturally people are going to expect men to be more masculine. And there's nothing wrong with a male wanting to be more masculine even if he wasn't born that way. It is also easier for a male to do so due to their level of testosterone and other biological features, which is indeed a hardware concept.
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I agree with Didi.
As terms, the words Male and Female simply do not describe the infinite complexity of human behavior, or even the biology, when inspected closely.
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NCWeberHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm with Andy.  I had to open a jar a salsa.  Used to do it with ease.  Now, I almost sprained the tendons in my wrist. :P
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Tangent-ValleyHobbyist Digital Artist
This deserves one big Yes.

Yes for lessons learned, and Yes for the joke that ties it all together.
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ScouterVStudent Writer
Wonder if he tried running it under hot water first...
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CaramejaHobbyist General Artist
lmfao *hugs Andy* Don't worry sugar.. I hate the jar of pickles too
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nexgencnHobbyist General Artist
LOL . Loving the influx of Bomango. Hope to see more in the not too distant future.
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Don't tell me Didi will start going on about cultural appropriation in the future. The last thing I could stand would be a tumblrite smack dab in the middle of this comic.
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