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You Make Me Feels

By VanHeist
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Thanks so much everyone for the birthday wishes, for the support, and...ahhh, just thanks a whole lot :) It means so much to me.

Spine-crushing, loving Gogo-hugs to you all!

peace :salute:
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Broken spine is worth it.

So worth it.
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you call that breaking a spine, you couldn't break a spine even if yo-AHHHHHHH MY SPINE!!!
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Not a clue who Gogo is, but I really like the sentiment in this one. Doesn't even need the 'Feelings' added. The panel alone tells what is going on inside. Great job!
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That lower middle panel really is meme material
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I don't know. She looks quite snuggly. ;)
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Tap out man, just tap out!
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AWW! I'm so Jelly right now.
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and thats how he seduced her XD
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Yes. He's winning her over.
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Is... is that part of Andy's spine in the last panel?
Pretty sure he's going to need that.
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Yep I can see it a crazy big house, crazy big lawn, crazy big fence and finally crazy big kids but before that one hell of of time making them ;-)
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O man, will HE survive child birth?
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Wow....waited since September to revisit your work. September is my birthday too. :)

Let's see all the awesome stuff you made from then till today :P
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Should be a fair amount of stuff? Welcome back!
Soldatoflife's avatar
But..but...I already finished everything....see you again in six months :P
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So much feelings.
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I love how a huge fit muscular woman who could switch place with the female Barbarian of Diablo 3 actually manages to be so adorable too, you really have a thing in characters characterisation :)
(also i love Didi's Motoko Kusanagi - like hairstyle xD)
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