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Trouble In The Summer

By VanHeist
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Here's your summer cheesecake :XD:

Kinda rushed this one a bit, but hey, it's just for good fun anyways. I'd say more but i gotta run. Enjoy! And hope you're having a swell summer :salute:
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They do not seem aroused.

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oh man i lovee classic comedy like this!
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Ms. Gogo is certainly beautiful wearing a midriff-baring t-shirt and little jean shorts.  I also find her situation at the end also kind of funny.
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Lady, if you hate painting the fence that much, you could always take a page out of Tom Sawyer and trick those lazy bums in the garage into doing it for you.  And you'd have a much easier time of it than he did, I'm sure.
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I think she’s the type of person who, despite bitching about the work, will continue to do it herself. That way, she holds more sway over how incredibly difficult and unnecessary it was (without anyone else having taken part and able to say otherwise). Passing the work onto others may be clever, but in doing so, you surrender a lot of complaining rights. And complaining is its own kind of luxury :D
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Good point.  On the other hand, now she's running around the neighborhood in nothing but paint, so I guess the moral of the story is...  don't let your guard down while painting a fence.
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In the summertime
When the Weather is fine
You can stretch right up
And touch the sky
When the weather's fine
You Got women you hoy women
On Your mind.
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Gogo is so funny!

She's also an unusual female character.

You don't see that many female protagonists that are really big and strong.

Very creative!  
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Ahh the ol' summer days!
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*squeeky laugh* Dat last panel do. X'D
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Home Improvement with Gogo would be hilarious... Also I hope she would ate Tim, and get very growly hiccup  
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Stupid dumb shitty grammar.
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Why do I feel like King of The Hill right now? I tell you what?
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Haters Gonna Hate (Chica Chat Icon) when you see this it make your day  Deal With It (Freddy Chat Icon)
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That 9th panel. You also captured the nasty hairy guy hairiness perfectly.
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this was very hilarious X-D
omgosh poor
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Unnecessary Nudity Female Joke,YEAAAAAAAAAH! :iconfreddiememeplz:

Oh,wait! :iconiseewhatudidthereplz:

Partially... :iconsocloseplz:

Ah,nevermind,it's funny,hehehehe! :iconitssomethingplz: :iconmingplz:
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What is... she?
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She is Gogo, the omnipotent human volcano.
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brave blue bugger! nicely done
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ahah)) nice pet you have there, a smart one))
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I litteraly LOL'd when i read this it was sooo FUNNY rofl 
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Yo im curious what type of voice does Gogo have to you Van ? could u possibly give me an example?
KOticneutralFTW's avatar…
He mentions it in the description for this piece, as well as how he imagines Didi's voice.  
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