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It's a sTRAP!

By VanHeist
Hey, howzabout a stoopid comic? :XD:

i never did get this phrase.

also, "jock strap" is a funny term. Like "mittens". And "taters". and a bunch of other stuff.
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Funny that -- Etymonline says that "Strapping" as an adjective was originally applied to women.
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i love it when i get into stupid conversations like this. this is a perfect representation of making a fluid human caracter most people forget that part of this creative medium and just make vessles to act as a idea spewers. i dont know what i just said its late and i like this comic strip. DONT JUDGE ME!!!!!!:3
VanHeist's avatar
Pointless and stupid conversations are a fact of life. Or, at the very least, a useful tool in communicating bonds between characters. Not everything has to serve a grand purpose, though. Sometimes it's just good to demonstrate people musing out loud to each other about silly stuff :P
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is it weard that i kinda look like bear i just found that funny. 
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are they from anything 
BobaFett830's avatar
5 days later reads all of gallery 
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Good Good....let it flow through you...:eager:
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:XD: These two, love them :D
Degalon's avatar
I go with the suspenders idea.
Drunken-Dark-Soul's avatar
now this is real talk with friends.
a small story and making it worth much more amusement.
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I MISSED this strips!!! Making my evening! LOL
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I think it has to do with straight razor shaving.  The barber would sharpen the razor on a leather strap.  Thus it was called strapping.  Being a strapping young man, meant literally that you were clean shaven, but figuratively that you were in your prime.

Miss Morton needs a new eyeglass prescription if she thinks Gogo is a guy, especially with those boobs she's hefting about. ;)
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Trolley. Someone said had a conversation about the word with me once and now I lie awake at night thinking about it. It sounds like it should be short for something. Trolley.
VanHeist's avatar
"Trolley" is, of course, the colloquial shorthand for "Tröllïfignjar", a beast of ancient lore noted for roaming the earth at night and bearing all manner of imps and demons upon its back. Fascinatingly, Tröllïfignjar had a tendency to travel in constant, circuitous patterns and was said to have unburdened itself of its hell spawn at regular points on its nocturnal journeys, but was also known to take aboard both demons and curses at these same intervals when invoked by priests or shamans in rituals that came to be known as "hopping" or "catching a trolley". The legend itself has since passed into obscurity, but the phrase has endured.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Is "Strapping" really that archaeic, or is this just an issue of etymology?
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Well, you don't often hear it in modern speech. And a few commenters have interestingly pointed out that the term has its roots in describing women, which adds a neatly ironic layer to the comic which itself is a rumination rendered obsolete by the existence of search engines and demonstrates yet another example of why conversational topics such as this are a dying breed and oh man I am up WAY too late.
Dante8411's avatar
Well, I don't have a smart phone, so I actually ask people about words without considering Google. Or I just discuss the actual mechanics of words, and therefore theoretical words that should exist by the accepted rules. You can also talk about words that we lack, such as accurate descriptors for tastes and many non-pain sensations.
I should get a smartphone. And you should get more sleep.
death8792's avatar
I'm pretty sure it is the suspenders one since when doing hard work way back when, a belt can slide, suspenders will not, so working types wore straps
hey are you doing a còmic of this, i mean a good large còmic full of those llittle historys correctly put yogether in an amazing way, you shoud, you totally should, gogo needs to have a comic, she NEEDS IT!
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The expression on Gogo's face in the last panel... that's the "Hey... how YOU doin'?" look from across the room.
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Well this was a strapping good panel
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in that last panel Gogo looks really normal for once
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