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Inktober: Coraline and the Beldam

Despite my love of the story (and film), I've never actually drawn anything from Coraline! Sometime, I'll have to do better than an inky little sketch in a book.
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"That's it! stranger in my space!"

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That's just awesome brings me back to Coraline Hey be awesome to see an animated version but the stock motion is perfect gives it the nightmare before Christmas touch Great job man 🤘
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For whatever reason, I can't help but to make references to this movie
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very nice work! Love the look of the Beldam! I also love Coraline's "I am SO done with your shit!" look!  great job!
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Oh neat. Interesting to see her illustrated as a "real" human.
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You should illustrate stories by Roald Dahl.
  Judging from you're previous sketches, I would wager, that you've read your fair share of 'eldritch horror', back in the day, yes?  Some Tales From The Crypt or Vault of Horror, Poe or Lovecraft, perhaps?

  In any event,  Happy Halloween, Van.
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Damn these pics are scary
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Oh, this kicks so much ass.  Love your pissed off Coraline there.
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