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INKTOBER: The Reaper

Another one from the break room. One of my senior coworkers saw me scribbling and suggested I draw a grim reaper (since I was apparently drawing spooky stuff). So I did. And then tore it out of the sketchbook and gave it to him, as he wanted to get it as a tattoo or something. Anyway, I gave it away and wasn't able to scan it, though i did snap a photo of it.
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Awesome work on hatches!
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Asks for a drawing, immediately wants a tattoo of it.  Dude that's awesome.
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Looks Grim

I did my part see ya all
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That would be a LOT of ink, as a tattoo. Ouch.
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This is nice, it remembers me to the Blue Oyster Cult's song "Don't Fear the Reaper". Keep Going :) (Smile) 
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Happy fellow, Isn't he?
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"Excuse me, did you happen to see 3 other horsemen come through here? No? Crap... We're late for something REALLY important"
  The embodiment of Death itself stands around, in a somewhat bemused state.  Death looks from side to side, his Whitehorse is nowhere to be seen.  Looks down at his watch and in an exasperated tone:  Dammit!  The Rapture is going to start soon and I'm not in fashion.  Glances around once more in a vain attempt to locate his trustee steed, then proceeds to deliberately miss quote Shakespeare:  A horse, a horse.  The Rapture for a horse.
Razor-of-Occam's avatar
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Dammit Grim! Stop stalking m- Wait, wait, you're not Grim.......
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Dude, I've really been enjoying your traditional crosshatch ink take on Inktober!
10Gauge's avatar…

Though this probably goes better with "Awake"  ...oh well.

Also I've been watching your Inktobers in awe.   You kick ass with traditional media
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It's not Inktober without a drawing of Death!  Now I'm reminded of games like Shadowquest, where the Grim Reaper appears after you die.  "It's a sad thing your adventures have ended here!"

great job!
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  You know something?!  That actually would make for a fetching tattoo.  If I lived south of the border and coincidentally, just happened to be employed; wherever your current place of employment is, I to would more than likely want that sketch as a tattoo.  A commendable effort, Van.  Well done.

  Reminds me of the song: Don't Fear The Reaper, by The Blue Oyster Cult. Man! I love that song!
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"CATS", he said eventually, "CATS ARE NICE."
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very nice detailing
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That's a lot of hatching 
  Wow!  That song is incredible.  If it weren't for this hyperlink you provided, I may never have discovered it.  Thank you.
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Your very welcome I would have gone with Don’t Fear The Reaper But That would have been to predictable
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